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Breaking open the head

11th November, 2015 Miscellaneous

If its open it growsI had to make an apology to Horace, my Smoky Quartz skull, the other day. When at Hawkwood, I’d put him under the sacred spring to cleanse and recharge. It was the close of an earth healing ritual that had had him at the centre of a vast layout. We’d taken him down to the spring for the closing. But when I unpacked him at home I realised he had an internal percussive fracture slicing his head almost in half. The slight crack in the top of his cranium has since closed up again, but I was concerned about the angled plane left in his head. It looks just like a mirror, great for scrying with. But had it done serious damage? Horace has been undergoing major changes this year and I was concerned I’d undone his amazing transformational awakening at the summer solstice. ‘Don’t worry,’ he said, ‘it broke open my head to let something out.’ A few days later he added, ‘and has let new light in.’ Which reminded me of a Rumi quote:

Rumi quote

– and of a book Stephen Gawtry had recommended called Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinchbeck.

The Spirit Molecule

Rock art, Utah

Rock art, Utah

As I wrote in my Book of Psychic Development:

‘What particularly stirred my interest [in Pinchbeck’s book] was a report that leading-edge researchers in the field of neurobiology have found that, during Near Death Experiences (NDEs), the neurochemical DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is naturally synthesised in the brain, probably in the pineal: a gland that has long been metaphysically associated with the ‘third eye’ and psychic experiences. DMT has been dubbed ‘the Spirit molecule’ and it has been hypothesized that it releases the soul at death for its journey to the post-death dimension. It could be that small amounts of endogenous, naturally occurring, DMT in the brain are what allows the soul to go travelling and return.

DMT, in the form of ayahuasca and other etheobotanic substances (plant material), is what shamans have used for aeons of time to journey to other realms. DMT is officially classified as an hallucinogenic – and, therefore, to science is the stimulator of unreal, illusory experiences. But are they illusory? Or is it, as some scientists now believe, a stimulator for an Exceptional Human Experience that is a life altering moment, a stepping onto another path be it in this world or another. Is it that certain early humans (or even all of them under stimuli such as drumming, chanting, incantations and ‘magical brews’) naturally had the ability to journey out of their body? Their artwork and pictograms would certainly indicate this could be so.

And, after all most shamans were either chosen after a NDE or underwent a death as part of their initiation. I ask myself was it my own near experience at the age of 5 that kept my psychic abilities alive, stimulated by another NDE in childbirth and then again at menopause. Did these replenish the supply of endogenous DMT in my system and give me access to dimensions of which other people are unaware? As a child I constantly had out-of-body experiences and psychic visions. Do I have within myself a natural neurochemical looking glass? My psychic awareness tells me that the answer is a resounding yes.’ (see Judy Hall’s Book of Psychic Development, Flying Horse Press).

Shumula Shelter, North America

Shumula Shelter, North America


Aboriginal rock art - Australia

Aboriginal rock art, Australia. Looks like flying to me!

What struck me when looking at ancient rock art from across the world was just how many of the figures had ‘antennae’ or ‘halos’ around the head. Were they trying to depict an experience of expanded consciousness?

And take a look at this one:


Aboriginal rock art Halo effect - Australia

That halo effect again, but it’s being ripped apart by a mining company:

The phrase ‘neurochemical looking glass’ is taken from Breaking Open the Head. Pinchbeck experimented with just about every psychedelic drug and etheobotanic substance known to ancient and modern man, not a research method I’d personally recommend, but his book makes fascinating reading for those who quite naturally visit the realms he describes and who can compare their experience with his. Experiences that have now been dubbed ‘Exceptional Human Experiences’ by open-minded researchers. Yeah! Finally! There’s much more about that in my Book of Psychic Development.

Cosco Mountains - California

Cosco Mountains, California

And I couldn’t not include this one, look at that ‘skull face’ in the background:Skull Face

Under the title ‘Shamans Of Painted CavesXavier Séguin wrote on October 12, 2014: ‘Our time is over-rational, logical to the absurd, devoid of any magic horizon. We forgot our right brain, which atrophies. We neglect the wonders it offers. We despise those who enjoy some, drug addicts, mystics and madmen.  And yet … Since ancient times, in all parts of the world,
many men and women have followed the path of the shaman…’ and he quotes Arthur C. Clarke:  ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’. Love it! (see

Into the looking glass

But Horace’s experience brought to mind a question. Do some of the new skulls need something similar to activate them? Indeed, is part of the activation process a stimulation of a neurochemical looking glass, or spirit molecule, within the crystal from which the skull is carved? Is this what grows into a vessel for a higher consciousness to incarnate? Edwin Courtney uses an infinity loop symbol on top of their head to open skulls, and my crystal group found that they needed to massage the new Lakelandite and other skulls on that spot before the skulls became active. Horace had, at the solstice activation, been lit up on the crown chakra by the sun. But the sacred spring water seemed to have had a different, deeper effect. It literally created a mirror in his head.

A neurochemical looking glass

A neurochemical looking glass? The spot where the
percussive fracture later occurred and created a flat silvery plane.

Maybe we all need something like that? I had my NDEs. Someone else I know grew up above a dry cleaner’s shop. Fumes constantly filled the flat. Very psychic, her way of perceiving the world is rather different to most people. She sees, rather than hears, words as shapes and colours, tastes names as some people do music (synthesthesia). Was her brain affected by those tetrachloroethylene fumes? Did it break open her head? Did that trigger her innate psychic abilities? And her overactive empathetic senses? Is it a throwback to how ancient humanity experienced the world before our sixth sense atrophied? I love the description of synesthesia as ‘crossing senses’ and ‘sensory interplay’. Most psychics are familiar with that one! It’s far more common than we might think.

 ‘In a sense, we all empathize to some degree with the physical feelings of others. For an individual with mirror-touch synesthesia, however, the area of the brain that creates this empathy is hyperactive. These individuals don’t just cringe at the thought of comparable pain, but they might actually feel it themselves.

It’s an extraordinary thought, isn’t it? – your own sense of touch being activated by watching what’s happening to someone else. In this article from LiveScience, two mirror-touch synesthetes talk about their experiences and how this accentuated empathy has shaped their lives… said she felt her synesthesia is “a positive thing because I believe it makes me more considerate about the feelings of others.”’

– See more at: Fascinating stuff.

Dalai Lama neurons

Mirror neurons are something else I explored in Psychic Development and there is an enormous amount of research on these out there. Just to wet your appetite:

For the last fifteen years or so scientists have been investigating mirror neurons in the brain or, as V.S. Ramachandran has dubbed them, “Dalai Lama neurons”. In 2000 he predicted that these neurons will ‘provide a unifying framework and help explain a host of mental abilities that have hitherto remained mysterious and inaccessible to experiments’. As with all such discoveries, however, neuroscientists are sharply divided as to their significance. I personally find the idea extremely exciting and am sure that it has profound significance for intuition, although I’m not yet sure quite how and what.

What is known is that people with autism don’t have functioning mirror neurons, which could go a long way towards explaining how difficult they find it to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, in other words to have emotional empathy. Well functioning mirror neurons, on the other hand, have been shown by brain scans to ‘fire up’ when a person sees someone else doing an action or feeling an emotion, or imagines those things (that is, the action or emotion or indeed the other person does not need to be present). This mirroring or modelling is seen as enhancing not only empathy but also evolution.

It may be that mirror neurons, like brainwaves, can fire up in sync even when two brains are separated by a vast distance but connected by consciousness. Now isn’t that an exciting thought? After all, if we are reflections in a hall of mirrors of a single cosmic reality, then it makes sense that all the parts can communicate. Indeed, it may lie at the bottom of why when we think of someone, they often find themselves thinking of us or they telephone at virtually the same time. The difficulty lies in persuading science to do the experiments that would ‘prove it’. But fortunately we metaphysicians don’t need ‘proof’ in order to utilise the idea in our intuitive, interior lives and in our conscious connection with all that is.

The enhanced empathy that results from mirror neurons might also explain why practitioners of regression and many psychics find that breathing in harmony with their client, mirroring their gestures and their language can greatly increase the success and the depth of a session, and why bringing someone to mind at the start of distance seeing or healing facilitates connection.

Spiritual Practice

I find the idea that the consciousness that inhabits the crystal skulls may have mirror neurons that fire up in sync with our own hitherto disregarded psychic abilities an interesting one. Are we finally coming closer to understanding the metaphysical rather than the physical world? Is this part of what the skulls have to teach us? Something I will be pursuing further as I communicate with my skulls in my search for their mechanism of communication. I’ll report back later.

A resonant chamber for consciousness

Several people have asked me why crystal skulls have to be so skull-like. I know some people find them off putting to say the least. I wasn’t that taken with them myself until Horace demanded to be taken home (more of that when the book comes out.) The best answer I could come up with (apart from the fact that they are allegedly replicating older skulls – I will be giving several talks on their unexpected history, so keep a look out on my website), is that, like our own bony skull, they are ‘resonant chambers for consciousness’. That answer came from the pair of skulls I acquired at the NEC. Expanding consciousness seems to be their forte along with ancestral and karmic clearing. Those two were instantly awake and working when Terrie Birch and I needed them. But Horace had been different. He took a very long time to awake and needed considerable healing when he did. Apparently, it is still an ongoing process.

Barak and Barama

Barak and Barama. Really? Well, that’s what they tell me. Skulls have a sense of humour too it seems.

Other skulls have needed help to awaken and to heal too. They don’t all come fired up and ready to go. I currently have a big Lemurian Seed crystal skull on loan from a Canadian friend and she (the skull not the friend) has needed considerable heart healing. Her heart had been broken by the way humanity has, in her eyes, regressed rather than progressed but she hasn’t told us the full story yet. She’s on my dining room table surrounded by a heart shaped grid made from first-find Clear, Strawberry and Golden Lemurians with a tiny Morganite skull and a crystal-clear Rose Quartz. Morganite is one of the crystals said to be part of the original thirteen crystal skulls (more of them in the book) and it’s a great heart healer. My tiny beauty came from Raven’s workshop and is full of love. When I looked at her face to face with her ‘big sister’ another Rumi quote came to mind. It’s an honour to help her heal:

Your Heart

You can catch up with the unexpected history of the crystal skulls Friday 13th November at the College of Psychic Studies in London:

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