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Bite-sized chunks

4th October, 2017 Miscellaneous

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.

Rabindranath Tagore


When I first started writing blogs I sent a sample to a friend who is a writing coach, ‘you can’t write that much,’ she said, ‘people won’t read it. Their concentration span is too short.’ Apparently what people wanted were inane bite-sized chunks of other people’s lives.  It speaks volumes that there are dozens of synonyms for inane on an internet search but only two antonyms  – ‘intelligent, sensible’. How boring. Nothing enlightening, thought provoking or, heaven forbid, entertaining.

Much the same happened recently when I posted workshop notes on my members’ community. ‘It’s very long, I’ll have to read it several times,’ one comment read. ‘I don’t have time to read anything,’ said someone else when I asked her why she hadn’t joined the community. The notes had been prompted by someone saying how sad she was that she couldn’t travel to that particular workshop, and another person asking for crystals to heal the issue we had been exploring. Had either of them come to that particular workshop they’d have spent two days exploring the topic in depth. Could it be reduced to a few bullet points and a list of crystals? I think not!

where is all the knowledgeOne of my main aims in life is not to inform but to provoke people into exploring topics – and solutions – for themselves. When I write a book there’s always a struggle between the publishers requiring ‘the definitive guide’ and my need to offer people choices and open up potentials. This is because no one crystal fits everyone, and especially not each unique body.

And there’s no way I can list everything even one crystal could possibly do in a book, let alone a whole gem chest. I’m still exploring all the possibilities myself. That’s why I constantly add information on my website and in the crystal community pages. It doesn’t invalidate the books, they’re still an excellent starting point. But I want to encourage people to expand and share knowledge, not limit it. That’s why I opened the members’ community. Yes it’s an information hub with techniques and journeys, but it is so much more than that. I so wanted to encourage people to use their intuition and discover things for themselves and what is right for them. I refuse answer very specific ‘what should I do’ type questions that relate to only one person’s requirements. To my delight a very lively and supportive Facebook group has evolved out of that community which is doing exactly what I’d hoped: sharing their personal experiences. Long may it continue!

so much informationAnd this quote sums up what I tell everyone on my workshops. Use your intuition but don’t lose sight of your common sense. Both are invaluable tools that work together.

If you really want to begin exploring crystals for yourself, try The Crystal Experience: a workshop in a book. It was recommended by someone on the crystal community Facebook pages as an excellent starting point. Which is exactly why I wrote it! There only appear to be a few ‘secondhand’ (i.e. copies that, as an author, I wont receive a royalty on) copies on Amazon, but I’m asking the publisher what’s happening about that and will report back.

crystal experience

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p.s. This was reissued with a new jacket and title last year and copies of the reissue are still available first hand:


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