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Atlantean Lovestars (Candle Quartz/Celestial Quartz)

31st January, 2018 Miscellaneous

Atlantean LovestarsI was fascinated to discover that Madagascan Candle and Celestial Quartz have been renamed ‘Atlantean Lovestars’. What a brilliant name! Even though it may add to the ongoing confusion about crystal names. But there’s so much confusion about these two crystals already that it may actually clarify things. Bringing them into an energetic synergy. I have always experienced them as two identifiably different vibrations, similar but not quite the same (see below).

The new name tallies with what I’ve found when working with them in past life workshops. I’ve used the two interchangeably with excellent results – suiting different personal frequencies and needs. It also goes to show that putting things in writing too soon can curtail the properties, which tend to reveal themselves over a long period of working with the crystal. I often wish I could add to the properties in the Crystal Bibles but this isn’t possible. These two crystals both have a strong connection to Atlantis and invoke memories of that ancient civilisation – and the associated gifts and challenges. It was a period that started out with humankind being ‘lightly clothed in skin’. I can’t remember who said that to me way back in the 70s. It probably came from my mentor Christine Hartley. It perfectly encapsulates the higher vibration of the physical and etheric bodies at the beginning of Atlantis. They were much less dense than today. The energy fields were more permeable and amenable to expressing high frequency energies on earth.

Coming into incarnation

Christine explained reincarnation as being incarnated into increasingly denser frequencies, occupying a physical body that returned to higher subtle energetic states between lives. Our present age being the densest of all and our intention being to climb back to a higher frequency. What is these days expressed as ‘ascension’, a process that crystals facilitate. This was the rough sketch I made back in the 70s.

The dotted line separates physical incarnation from discarnate. So, incarnation into Lemuria would have been just below the dotted line, Atlantis was towards the first arrow. Incarnations became denser from there on (although time is most definitely not linear it helps to think of it that way). We are now approaching the first upward arrow in the lower half. As Christine always said when one person shifts the whole moves upward. So when enough momentum has been gathered, we will reach the second upward arrow and so on. And, when we leave physical incarnation, so we will move correspondingly higher up the vibrational scale in our discarnate state However, thanks to high vibration crystals we can experience these higher multi-dimensional states while still in incarnation (come on one of my workshops if you want to know how!).

An Atlantean legacy

Apparently Candle and Celestial Quartz have been renamed ‘Lovestars’ because, legend says, they were given as heart gifts in Atlantis to true loves. They are also a form of lightbrary, which is why they work so well for past life seeing. A lightbrary has smaller crystals growing along the sides or around the base of the core crystal, which is an ‘enlightened teacher’ and the holder of esoteric knowledge. Holding one is rather like going to a spiritual library for metaphysical studies.

In a book I read ages ago and can’t now lay my hands on (have you ever put ‘Atlantis’ into the Amazon search engine? It produces a staggering number of titles!), it was suggested that Madagascar was part of the ancient continent of Atlantis, which had moved around the earth to its present position due to plate tectonics. Given the amount of fabulous stones that are found there, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Candle and Celestial Quartz is incredibly similar in appearance, although the vibrations differ, and it shows that it really is all in the name. You can’t always be sure that what you buy as ‘Candle’ is not ‘Celestial’ and vice versa. The way I distinguish them is that ‘Celestial Quartz’ has a more powdery appearance, as though sprinkled with icing sugar, while Candle Quartz looks as though melted candlewax has dribbled up rather than down the core. Candle Quartz often has a much clearer central core although that isn’t always so. The only way to test the difference is to tune in and see what comes into your mind.

Candle Quartz

This is what I said about Candle Quartz in the Crystal Bible volume 2 – before I’d used it in past life workshops: ‘A light bringer for the planet and those assisting the earth to change vibration, Candle Quartz brings your guardian angel closer. Spiritually, meditating with it highlights soul purpose and focuses your life path towards service. Enhancing intuition, it is a scrying stone for the planet or personal illumination. A stone of spiritual alchemy, a large Candle Quartz attracts abundance and is helpful when working in a group as it radiates love to and on behalf of the group creating group harmony. Candle Quartz assists in putting ancient knowledge into practice and brings totems and power allies closer. It belongs in the south position of the medicine wheel, the place of the past, emotions and heart. Restoring trust and innocence, it brings healing to a hurt child within and assists incarnating more fully surrounded by an aura of unconditional love, healing the ancestral line and karmic inheritance.

Psychologically, Candle Quartz dissipates feelings of oppression and despair, creating tranquillity and confidence in an illumined mind that sees beyond the confines of everyday circumstances. Emotionally, Candle Quartz teaches that you are never truly alone, connecting to the core of divine love in your inner being. This stone helps to develop emotional independence and inter-dependence, showing when it is beneficial to rely on and share with a partner in a mutually supportive situation, and when to stand alone. It assists your partner not to feel isolated when you practice emotional autonomy and, if necessary, assists in leaving with loving grace a partnership that no longer serves. Physically, this stone helps feel good about your body and is useful if physical incarnation is difficult. It shows how the physical body is damaged by emotional or mental distress, and heals the heart.’

Celestial Quartz

And this is what I said about ‘Celestial Quartz’ in the same volume

‘Celestial Quartz is another stone over which confusion reigns. Some ‘Celestial Quartz’, which may be white, grey or red, is from Madagascar, resembling Candle Quartz, but another so-called ‘Celestial Quartz’, found in the Himalayas, looks like Nirvana Quartz but does not reach quite the same high vibration. Each celestial type holds a distinctly different energy and has varied ways of facilitating energy shifts, but each frees up an adherence to the karmic level of being, leading to awareness of the grace that, ultimately, sets the soul free when sufficient work has been done and takes it into an experience of All That Is. Both act as a ‘reader’ for the Akashic Record pinpointing the soul’s purpose in incarnating. At that point, the celestial energies are brought into, experienced and expressed within the everyday physical world, bringing about profound earth healing.

Madagascan Red ‘Celestial Quartz’ has a more grounded energy than white and assists people who have only a toehold in incarnation to take up residence in the physical body, integrating it more firmly with the lightbody and making earth a comfortable place. It contains information on how coming earth changes might manifest. A useful stone for earth and environmental healing, it realigns, repairs and re-energises the earth’s meridians and kundalini force. This stone works particularly well in the south of the crystal medicine wheel, assisting the soul to come into physical incarnation whilst maintaining full spiritual awareness. It is also extremely effective used in grids for earth healing or repair of the earth’s meridian system.’

Candle, Celestial or Lovestar? You decide!

Candle, Celestial or Lovestar? You decide!

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