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A Confluence of Tides

28th December, 2016 Miscellaneous

I too must be an estuary of confluent tides—
this earth-body of antlered thoughts,
the decay of leaves: my branching mind.
Tumbling with stones and salmon toward the sea,
the rivers of the Earth move through me.

Jason Kirkey

estuaryAt this turn of the year, I’ve been musing on soul groups and how certain people sweep into our lives only to sweep out again on the next tide while others are like rocks around which our lives eddy, or beaver dams that hold back the flow. And a very special few are companions of the heart. Not always there physically, but forever present at a soul level. I bless my soul sisters one and all. I particularly like the above image because it incorporates an impression of the family tree too, something I’ve been consciously healing this last year or so, so that the generations to come can have a fresh start. With all the soul gifts and none of the traumas. Being a great grandmother tends to focus the mind that way.

Quite a few years ago now, in Past Life Therapy, I wrote about the origins of an individual soul, trying to convey as best I could a concept that was in my head but which didn’t really fit into words:

‘Where Did It Start?

This is a complex question and the answer given here must be viewed as symbolic rather than factual. It is clear from between life regression experience, that we simply do not have the necessary constructs to understand either the nature of spiritual life or that of time from our earthly perspective. Nor can we fully understand the purpose. But we can experience our own part in the process.

Souls, or spirits, can be seen as emerging from a ‘pool’ of spiritual essence, ‘the Source’, into which they will ultimately return. The ‘piece’ of this spiritual essence which first emerges then divides (a soul group), and divides again as it journeys down through different levels of vibration until it reaches the earth plane (the densest level of vibration) as an individual soul. Awareness of being an innately spiritual, divine being is, at this dense level of vibration, usually lost. The soul is deeply immersed in emotional experiences and old patterns.

Recognition of that inner spiritual element, and of other soul group members, starts the process of return and reunification. On the way ‘back’, soul groups may recombine sharing experiences. Eventually, all that has been experienced is taken back into the communal pool, which has its consciousness raised by the collective experience. Therefore, ‘new’ souls which then emerge do not, allegorically, have as far to ‘fall’ before return. And, what is more, it is possible for souls to ‘borrow’ the experience of other souls if they need to, rather than having to experience everything for themselves: a point which has important implications for those trying to prove the veracity of past life memories, and which opens up therapeutic possibilities in regression. In the Sufi teaching, souls leaving the earth pass on what they have learned to ‘new’ souls who are arriving so that they share the experience and make it their own.’

My definition of soul groups at the time was:

Soul Groups

Our soul group consists of people with whom we have travelled throughout time, over many incarnations and interacted in all possible combinations. Not all members of a soul group are in incarnation at one time, but those people who help us learn the hardest lessons in life are usually members of our soul group.

Image c. Judy Hall

Perhaps not surprisingly then, my sketch of how the souls moved out from the pool of spiritual essence refused to insert itself here. So I’ve used a crystal cluster instead. After all, each crystal has an oversoul that connects all the others. A ‘Great Spirit’ you could say. Maybe the human soul group is like that too?

Recently I’ve been writing a Crystal Prescriptions volume on healing karma, soul reintegration and the ancestral tree, so I’ve revisited the idea of souls and soul groups. My concept, and my understanding, really hadn’t changed that much in the years since I wrote Past Life Therapy. I used a quote in Crystal Prescriptions which pretty much summed up how I understand them:

Simply defined – a member of your soul group is someone that has a profound, deep and intense impact on your life, whether positive or negative. The person can be in your life for five minutes or your entire life. Time is not a consideration because the things you agree to accomplish before you were born into these lives will play out as they are intended.

My major change is to have recognised that we are not as fated as that quote suggests. We can, with grace, decline, reframe or renegotiate between life agreements and past life contracts that are no longer relevant, especially where the other party will not cooperate in the soul learning involved. We can most definitely cut ties and move on.

Soulmate or twinflame?


Image c. Michael Illas/Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Where my understanding has vastly expanded is in the area of soulmates and twinflames. Which was why I wrote The Soulmate Myth: a dream come true or your worst nightmare? To me, soulmates are someone with whom we have karma to resolve, lessons to learn, unfinished business to complete and promises to keep – or renegotiate – and, all too often, ties to cut. Twinflames are what everyone assumes they mean when they say soulmate: a mutually supportive, unconditionally loving relationship that has nothing but our highest good in mind.


Life Review

With the help of my crystals, I’ve also been undertaking a life review, or should that be review of lives. I’ve recognised and released many patterns. Sent forgiveness and healing back down the line, not only of my ancestors but also my relationships on all levels. Honoured many learnings. Cut many ties. So, at this turn of the year, it feels appropriate to say a heartfelt thank you to all those who have participated in and contributed to my soul learning, no matter how painful it may have seemed at the time. And an even bigger piece of gratitude goes to those who have stuck with me through thick and thin. The true friends and companions of my heart. What has come out of it is the person I am today. So thank you all.

saying thank you

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