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Atlas Mountain Tear (Blue Obsidian) Report Part 2: The continuing story

20th May, 2018 Members Community

Atlas Mountain Tear on Mike Eastwood’s Obsidian oversoul card Part One of the report on the Atlas Mountain Tear was the longest crystal assessment I have ever undertaken and it was left totally unresolved in my mind. I knew there would be more to come, but hadn’t anticipated that the two people assisting in the assessment would also have a great deal to say about their experience with the crystal – in addition to my crystal community. I had posted a picture of an Atlas Mountain Tear...

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Atlas Mountain Tears (Blue Obsidian). Articulate communication?

20th April, 2018 Members Community

A new way of assessing crystals. Atlas Mountain Tear c. Judy Hall This isn’t so much a blog as a report on a process. That of assessing a new crystal by a different method, by ‘homeopathic proving’. It’s long as I’ve included the astrology of the various moments, which give insights, and the diary I kept as well as possibilities and alternatives. I’ve organised it into sections so that you can follow what piques your interest. So, skip through parts if you feel the need, but...

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Do I really need to be an Arhat?

20th March, 2018 Members Community

c. Judy Hall For several years now I’ve been trying to persuade one of our members to use his intuition to find the right crystals for him. But he’s stubbornly refused to consider it. As you can see from his question below, he doesn’t believe he can do it, so of course he not only finds it impossible to do, he’s blocking himself so much that he won’t even give it a try. He’s totally immersed in the negative belief in his head. Here’s one of his latest crystal questions and my...

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Shaman Birds: long focus liminality

20th February, 2018 Members Community

Jimmy: ‘One day, when I'm no longer spending my days running a sweet-stall, I may write a book about us all. It's all here.’ (slapping his forehead) ‘Written in flames a mile high. And it won't be recollected in tranquillity either, picking daffodils with Auntie Wordsworth. It'll be recollected in fire, and blood. My blood.’ John Osborne, Look Back in Anger. John Osborne’s heron, dressed for all weathers. Image c. Judy Hall Sometimes we all need a nudge in the right direction....

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The tyranny of excellence

20th January, 2018 Members Community

Celosia Red Velvet with thistledown, c. Judy Hall Self-development is the basis for magickal training. The process of self-actualisation is often slow and arduous, filled with dark nights of the soul, but also brings bright days as well. It tends to follow cycles wherein we think we know nothing, then something, then everything – then nothing again. Do not despair that the road seems long or allow yourself to be trapped in the tyranny of excellence. Ives Domingues, Casting Sacred...

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A small dragon of possibility

20th December, 2017 Members Community

Dragon offering c. Judy Hall I laid a cuckoo egg in the desert Half buried it in scorching sand A metaphor I didn’t understand.   Sunbaked by day it incubated At night I dreamtimed warmth Protected it until it hatched   A small dragon born of possibility Djinn fed with myth and sacred words I stroke its scaly skin and know love. Lesley Hannah Cuckoo Egg Don’t you just love ‘djinn fed with myth and sacred words’. It really makes me shiver. I found this poem when...

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