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World-wise healing, Summer Solstice, Knowlton 2nd July 2015

8th July, 2015 Guest Blog

It’s funny how, when things are “right”, they fall into place. I was really undecided as to what to do for the Summer Solstice this year but once I heard that Judy Hall was free to play and she suggested we go to Knowlton together it immediately felt right. Mind you, she did add huge temptation by telling me that she had not one, but two new crystals to play with!! One of these, a form of golden Quartz which Judy has now named Celtic Golden Healer Quartz, had already made it clear to her that it wanted to play a role in world-wise healing. So the intention was to use it in whatever we were setting up for the Solstice.

knowlton Church amd Earthworks

It also felt like the next piece of a very large jigsaw puzzle of personal transformation that has been building for me this year. As part of this, earlier in the year, I had gone to Barbary fort for a transformational day run by Luciana Corp called Walk the Chalk. It had been a hugely powerful day and I realised the energies would be quite similar at Knowlton.

Also, Judy and I had already tried to do our bit towards healing and peace with various things we have done together over the last couple of years, twice in Egypt including the Winter Solstice 2014 at Karnak and the Summer Solstice  2014 at Glastonbury. All part of slipping back into the priestess roles that we had shared in, I think, many past lives together. I wasn’t aware of this until our first trip to Egypt where we naturally and unconsciously fell into working together, doing healing and psychic work, on a level, and with an ease, that I had never experienced before.  Echoing our previous priestess/ psychopomp roles, we even ended up, unintentionally, wearing identical galabeya, the traditional Egyptian robe, to the Egyptian themed night on the boat.

Judy Hall and Terrie Birch, matching priestesses, Egypt Feb 13.

Judy Hall and Terrie Birch, matching priestesses, Egypt Feb 13. Copyright Terrie Birch

Anyway, back to this lifetime! On Saturday, the day before the Solstice, I was actually in Glastonbury again, this time at a Mind, Body Spirit Fair and managed to receive an email through from Judy telling me how she had been drawn to go to Knowlton that morning to do some preparatory work involving her crystal skulls Gawain and Horace.  (Read more here…

This year the Solstice, in the UK was at 17:37. Amusingly, Judy has been having trouble with her computer program that prints her astrology charts and keeps telling me it refuses to recognise BST, so we had fun comparing charts and times and decided we would go to Knowlton around midday, pop back for some lunch, then do some work with the Ancestralite before going back in time for the Solstice. We planned to set out a large Celtic Golden Healer Quartz spiral to activate the world-wise healing  the Quartz had requested.

Copyright Terrie Birch

Copyright Terrie Birch

Without realising it, my own preparatory work began the night before as I ended up sleeping in the room where Judy had the new crystals. Pieces of the Celtic Golden Healer Quartz were in a window either side of me with a huge piece of Calcite, which later became our centre piece for the Solstice layout, below my feet. There was a bowl on the table also below my feet which held the Ancestralite we would be using the next day. As I settled down to sleep, I could feel a tremendous buzzing below and in my feet, travelling up to my knees. Something very powerful was going on! However, once settled the energies in the room had a peaceful quality I hadn’t experienced before.
We were blessed with fine weather all Solstice day although in the morning the Sun was playing hide and seek. We went to the stone Judy had used the day before, previously part of the Church, which now lies in the ground and made a perfect resting place for the stones and skulls we had brought with us.

Horace, Judy’s Smoky Quartz Earth healer skull was at the head of proceedings. Described the day before by Judy as being grumpy, it was amazing to watch how his energy lightened and changed dramatically.

The Smoky Quartz skull

Rainbow awakened in Horace, the Smoky Quartz skull. Copyright Terrie Birch

A combination of the land and leyline energies, the Sun and the crystals seemed to wake him up. Looking into the top of his head previously it was quite dark, in keeping with his Smoky Quartz. We could almost physically see him lightening and by the time we left he had the most stunningly beautiful golden light and rainbows sparkling inside the top of head, as well as around his left eye.

Horace's view of the Church

Horace’s view of the Church, showing the Celtic Golden Healer Quartzes sending healing energies into the back of his head. Copyright Terrie Birch

In particular, the two Celtic Golden Healer Quartzes we had placed behind his head seemed to be activating something inside him, bringing about healing.
The Ancestralite ended up in a pentagram shape, connecting the past and the Akashic records to the ever present now. Gawain, Judy’s Preseli skull, more Celtic Golden Healer Quartz and my Shamanic Quartz added to the energies.

When it felt that things were complete, we went back for some lunch after which Judy had an investigatory and healing grid laid in a pentagram of Ancestralite. Powerful stuff!

When we returned to Knowlton later in the afternoon, heavily laden with crystals, there were quite a few people around, so we followed the outside of the circle to the left and found a quiet spot where I laid out my astrological cloth. The huge and quite heavy centre piece of Calcite  (Judy thought it was too heavy to carry, a challenge I couldn’t resist!) was our starting place, and Judy then handed me the other pieces which I laid in a spiral coming out from the centre. The chart for the Solstice went towards the left corner with a piece of Ancestralite in the centre and one at each corner. Judy’s two skulls, Horace and Gawain and my own Clear Quartz skull (as yet unnamed),  took their view points from the corners, together with another piece of Celtic Golden Healer Quartz.

Judy and I quietly worked and journeyed with the healing grid. Personally, I felt the spiral descending below the surface of the Earth, deep into the centre, connecting with crystals there and radiating the healing energy back up to the entire surface.

Panorama of Knowlton Circles

Panorama of Knowlton Circles showing the Church, our healing layout and Judy, seemingly relaxing and also working! Copyright Terrie Birch

To enable the Celtic Golden Healer Quartz to do its work around the world, Judy has decided to send a piece out (free of charge!) with crystal orders from the Angel Additions on-line shop, to places all around the world. How amazing is that!

All photos Copyright Terrie Birch
Judy described the Summer Solstice like this;

This is a pivotal moment in the Earth’s tilting cycle. A standstill for the sun before it slowly moves back to its midwinter rising point. It’s a moment of introspection. Time to look to the past. To leave there what needs to be moved on from. But bringing forward the gifts and learning…

Several moments of introspection in fact, not just personal but for the planet and all living creatures on it. Later that day we both, individually, had things brought to our attention that were unhealed from the past and needed to be cleared for us to move forward. The description of “bringing forward the gifts and learning” echoes part of how Ancestralite works after clearing the Ancestral line and the Celtic Golden Healer Quartz definitely participated in healing for us both as well as the Earth.

I can’t wait to find out where these pieces of Celtic Golden Healer Quartz end up and wonder whether it will be possible to trace and record them on a map, to draw up a giant grid to see what, if any, pattern they form. Or if they go to areas that need particular healing. I am also very happy to be part of that as a very special piece has come back to Devon with me, one that I spotted that not only had the Golden quartz on the top but also a Preseli-type base. It reminds me of an iceberg, being much bigger at the bottom. Also, a small piece of the very large and heavy centre piece broke off into my hand when I gently lifted it out of the grid, a thank you maybe? So that is with me also. It will be interesting to see where it takes me when we journey together!

Celtic Golden Healer Quartz pieces

Celtic Golden Healer Quartz pieces Copyright Terrie Birch

Finally, here is the link to the video I took at Knowlton of the layout and the surrounding area. Apologies for the sound quality, the wind was stronger than I realised at the time but hopefully you’ve got the gist from the description above. Any questions you can always email me at [email protected]

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