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Synchronicities, healing ancestral patterning and balancing male and female energies

9th May, 2017 Guest Blog

Guest Blog from, Terrie Celest –

I’ve written before about synchronicities; when you get a stream of them that you can’t ignore it is amazing, they flow so easily and often provide some ‘Ah-ha’ moments! Sometimes they are reminders, little signs that encourage us and let us know we are on the right path and that things are exactly as they are meant to be.

Judy Hall mentioned this at her recent workshop at the College of Psychic Studies. In a week of terrorism sparking fear and uncertainty, two new crystals, Grape Chalcedony and Prairie Tanzanite appeared, both very peace-inducing and calming, helping to fight the ’inner terrorist’, fear, and grounding and centering us in the moment, helping us to feel that everything is OK exactly as it is

Another new crystal has synchronicitously appeared. Well, to be honest, the crystal has been here for a while, but it has been lurking in the background, apparently waiting for the right moment to reveal how it wants to work.

During a reading for a lady, I immediately picked up on difficulties with her Mother, who, it turns out, was physically abusive and my client has been working her way through this. It is a key challenge for her, linking in with her need for communication in this lifetime and many past lives of nurturing issues, mainly a lack of Mothering/nurturing.  Her chart also had 3 Yods, indicators of ancestral energies, indicating that she is a potential lineage breaker in this lifetime. As part of her Soul plan, before incarnating, she will have decided to try to tackle these issues in order to break the pattern going back through the generations. Through finding her own healing, she can break the ancestral pattern and heal the energies back through the line. At that time of her reading, there were a lot of astrological pointers to balancing male and female energies and healing ancestral patterns, mainly involving Mars and retrograde Venus and some karmic aspects too. I had a flurry of people asking for Strawberry Lemurians which are very good for balancing the male and female energies, but which the been out of stock, and unobtainable, for a long time. Funnily, but almost embarrassingly, one lady who wanted some phoned me and I thought it was a man!!

After the appointment with my client, I was reading the astrology for the following two weeks and was surprised at the synchronicity of what I had already written;

Old karmic issues will dominate …… and have their origins in our ancestral line, although this may not be immediately obvious. Od warrior energies could be part of the problem, and insights can be gained through looking at the roles of females and males through our ancestry, and how the male and female energies were expressed. Were the females dominated by strong, opinionated or stubborn men? Did they supress their own wants and needs, was there some lack of commitment, an avoidance of meeting obligations somewhere? Look at how this has subtly impacted you and, very importantly, how you can break the cycle and not repeat it for future generations.

This tied in exactly with what we had been talking about so I sent it to my client and suggested Ancestralite or Celtic Quartz to heal the ancestral line.

Later that day, I remembered some Smoky Quartz points that I had, some of which are almost black and I knew were more than the bog-standard Smoky Quartz. I reminded Judy that, although we both had some and had used them, we still hadn’t properly investigated them. She suggested bringing them the following weekend when I was visiting her.

I woke up the next morning, to an email from a bleary-eyed Judy (by her own admission she doesn’t do early mornings!), who had been woken by her phantom door-bell ringer at some un-godly hour. This, I know, has happened before and seems to be a way of getting her attention and getting her up, so that information can be given to her.

She told me that once up, she had been nagged to use these Smoky points for her June crystal of the month post, for Cancer energy. They had told her how they wanted to work and given her the name Matriarchal Smokies. These are a particular type of Smoky Quartz points, and they made it known that they can help to clear the matriarchal line and heal future generations, especially when used around the navel area, which can be the trigger point for ancestral memories to surface, especially of fear and trauma. Judy also said;

‘Working with crystals such as Matriarchal Smokies around the navel to expand and release subtle memory patterns can be highly effective. Particularly as energy gaps, rips and tears may be present at this site in the subtle energies bodies as well as in the physical. The navel (‘tummy button’) is not a chakra as such but it is where the connection to the mother and the matriarchal line is strongest pre-birth, as nutrients – physical or subtle – have to pass through the umbilical cord. It is a potent place for ancestral line connection and the passage of transgenerational messages, both via DNA and matriarchal imperatives. The placenta, which is designed to be a life-support system for the unborn child, may in fact carry a toxic soup of all the mother’s emotions and traumas. If the psychic umbilical cord is not cut, the Mother and her demands dominate. Matriarchal Smokies are the answer.

Matriarchal Smokies

Photos ©Terrie Celest
Matriarchal Smokies

Only a few days later I took a walk in the woods and spotted something unusual. This is the forest where I have found a type of blue flint which is very different from other flints I have seen. Flints are usually multicoloured, combinations of black, brown and occasionally a pale blue. sometimes with a white outer, and those found on beaches and on places like the Dorset Cursus, an ancient walkway, are worn and smoothed over thousands of years through the passage of many tides, seasons, feet and vehicles. If they have been less honed by the elements, they are more angular, but still, usually multicoloured. I found this very large piece, embedded in a field close to the forest several years before I knew Judy and got to know that this was flint.

Blue Flint

© Terrie Celest

In contrast, the blue I have found here, is solid in colour, often having flat surfaces, has a band of a brownish colour around the edge and little, if any of the white outer.

Examples of Blue Flint, all photos copyright Terrie Celest

I have seen hints of some deep red pieces, one of which I tried to dig up before Christmas, but it was well walked in and the small amount of terracotta colour that winked at me belied the iceberg-like depths beneath the surface. I had nothing with me with which to ease it out, and I usually only ever take what is on the surface and readily accessible. It was on a path where surface water runs off the mountainside, so quite likely to either become revealed over time, or disappear under foot and I told myself that, if it was meant to come with me, it would do so on a future visit. I thought I had my answer when, on my next visit I couldn’t see it again and I saw notices that said that part of the wood would be closed for a couple of weeks over the New Year for ‘necessary’ felling, due to disease. The area was, in fact, closed off for several weeks and fortuitously open when I returned with a visitor and fellow crystal collector, who was delighted to see the blue flint in its natural habitat. Whilst there we were nearly mowed down by a mini-digger driver who spontaneously started to tell us that he had literally just finished working on the site, and explained a lot of the trees were in fact healthy but cut back ‘as a precaution’. He pointed us in a direction, saying that a vista had opened up and they would be placing benches there for people to sit and enjoy the views. I was shocked when I realised the extent of the felling. Indeed, a great vista had been opened up, but a vast quantity of trees had disappeared and I felt a great sadness there, of loss and devastation. It reminded me of the felling that Judy and I had witnessed in Wales, although that was a lot worse, with trees seemingly ripped from the ground. We have had to send Earth healing to that area since, in fact, it is on-going. The land there had felt raped, and although what I was now seeing was not as strong, there was a similar feeling of loss and of man messing with nature.

On my next visit, I was strongly drawn to this area and as I was walking through noticed a few clumps of freshly exposed grey and occasionally blue flint, as I said before, something unusual caught my eye. In the middle of a piece of greyish flint there was a very distinctive pinkish red spot, as it a drop of blood had dried out on it.

Blue Flint

© Terrie Celest

And then I spotted, all around it, pieces of flint with dark reds, mostly with the blue. These were different from the terracotta colour I had seen before, being a deep red and some had a sheen with them that made them look more like a jasper. Another synchronicity was that I was going to an ancestral healing day at the weekend, and as soon as I mentioned these to Judy, we both knew they had to come. We experimented with them the night before and found them very potent, both placing them on the sacral area and finding that old relationship issues were arising, both ones that we thought had long since been cleared, and both with undertones of being disempowered. At the workshop the following day, they were used extensively and an incredible amount of healing took place. It quickly became clear that there was a strong correlation with the female anatomy and, like the Matriarchal Smokies, these stones work particularly well from the navel downwards, and often, with women, were directly working with the womb and sex organs, healing issues such as birth traumas, painful periods, difficulties with conception, sexual abuse, still births, trauma and unresolved grief from a termination and several cases, echoing back through generations, of suppression and dis-empowerment of women in some way. One lady had the insight that part of her ancestral patterning was that the women were disempowered, mainly through being seen as the stereotypical mother, nurturing, having the role and expectation of looking after everyone else, and there was a strong element of not being seen for who they really are/were, being taken for granted, not listened too. Using the blue, masculine flint alongside the Gaia Blood brought in the empowerment once the healing had taken place and helped to balance the male and female energies.

Whilst we were dealing with some deep issues, what was noticeable was that, instead of being overwhelmed by the intensity of the hurt, there was some discomfort but a great deal of awareness and insight into the problem, in a very grounded way that allowed it to be looked at and seemed to aid the healing process. They seemed able, especially with guidance, to see patterns and how energies weren’t theirs, which helped to facilitate the healing. Whilst there were some tears, they dissipated and didn’t overwhelm. We also found that crystals might need to be placed around the throat area to help to reveal and speak their truth as part of the healing process.

The Gaia Blood Flint doesn’t just work on females however, as males can also have ancestral patterns that need healing and need to balance their masculine and feminine energies, and the stone has been helping to heal birth trauma for them and energies picked up from the mother during pregnancy

No doubt, given the name these crystals have given us, there is an element of Earth healing that they are here to help with too, and they will reveal that over time. Certainly, I am using them to send Earth healing back to the land where they originate and to the remaining trees. I have the sense that there was some sort of trauma in the area, many, many, many years ago, and it feels as if, through the felling and the revealing of these stones, the healing can begin, and this is echoed in the way the crystal is helping our deeply buried hurts to come to the surface to be healed.

Examples of Gaia blood Flint, © Terrie Celest

As these issues are very relevant at the moment, I have created separate categories in my store for Ancestral Healing crystals and Balancing Male and Female Energies, or click on any of the photos or links above to directly find each crystal.

© Terrie Celest

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