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3rd February, 2015 Guest Blog

Full Moon 3rd Feb 2015

Balancing the elements, bringing colour into our lives, childhood dramas

So what is the weather like where you are? Stormy, windy, hot? What is this you ask, am I fulfilling the stereotype that the British are fascinated with the weather? Am I just being polite, enquiring how things are on your part of the Earth or am I lost for a way to start my insights into this Full Moon?

Well, there is, of course, some method in my madness, and it is connected to the chart! The weather is something we all have in common; wherever we are in the world, we are subject to the elements. We can survive without food and water for a while but not without oxygen.

Fire, Air, Water Too much or too little Sun (Fire), Wind (Air) and precipitation (Water) bring extremes of weather with sometimes disastrous results and we are reliant on these elements to nurture the soil and plants to sustain us with food and water. An imbalance of the elements in an astrological chart can affect our internal as well as our external balance and is an area of the chart I always look at, both for an individual and for an event like the Full Moon.
For a few weeks, we have only one planet in Earth in the chart. As with any Full Moon, the key players are the Sun and Moon, in this case bringing a focus to Air and Fire as they are in these opposing elements. At first glance, things could seem to be quite simple, in black and white. Look a little further however and there is a group of 4 planets in Pisces, a Water sign that is playing a significant role too and bringing much needed colour to what could otherwise be monochrome and two-dimensional. Pisces is a rainbow, multicoloured, multi-dimensional and unable to be black and white. Too much of this energy, though, clouds, confuses and takes us way off track, to who knows where, somewhere nice where we can escape and not have to look at anything nasty and unpleasant. It can be all too easy to float off into idealism and fantasy, searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, if we don’t anchor and ground ourselves into some part of reality.

With so much cloud, making it difficult to see things clearly, there is the possibility of deception, an absence or evasion of the truth rather than an outright lie. Like clouds hanging around the top of a mountain, we can’t see everything, and will not be able to until they clear. We may not necessarily be on the receiving end of any deception though; we could be deceiving ourselves in some manner, as we take advantage of our rose-tinted glasses to shield us from looking at things we would rather avoid. Either way, once the glasses come off we are likely to be left with a feeling of disillusionment. Every cloud has a silver lining, this one bringing the opportunity to look at where we are playing the role of victim, or of rescuer.

The Full Moon always casts a strong light on emotional matters and this one is no exception. Can we take our minds back to when we were little, to look honestly at the roles we played, maybe even the emotional tantrums and childhood dramas that we engaged in? They were probably designed to let those close to us know how upset we were, how unjustly we felt treated, how we felt overlooked and not noticed. It is part of being a human to want to be loved, recognised and appreciated for who and what we are, to be able to celebrate our uniqueness. As we grow spiritually, we gradually build a solid, knowing sense of who we are that does not require confirmation from others but, still being human, every now and then, we find ourselves caught out by a deep, buried tripwire that sends our reassurances, self-love and respect scurrying for the corners, searching and seeking comfort.

ObstaclesWhat message were we, or are we trying to convey when we find ourselves caught in these emotional dramas? Where do we feel that rules and regulations were enforced on us, thwarting our individuality? Do we regret giving in to pressure to conform and not standing our ground? Did we feel coerced into something we didn’t really want to do? Did we fight, did we give in, did we throw a tantrum?

Now is the time to decide what is worth fighting for, what we want to let go of, what no longer fits. If our boundaries have previously been vague and easily breached we need to get the builders in and shore them up in a stronger, less penetrable or scalable material that will allow us to keep them more intact; we should at least add a door that we can open if and when we want to.

This Full Moon with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo always has the energy of a head/heart dilemma with the danger of being caught in old patterns of thinking, of trying to rationalise rather than feel and experience.  There are some added challenges with this chart that both emphasise and add an extra flavour. One of these is a strong karmic imprint focused around old ingrained patterns and emotions that will have us searching through the memory banks and revisiting old emotional wounds. Insecurities and a feeling of powerlessness could surface. People from the past might reappear, mentally taking us back and giving us the opportunity to look at how we have changed, whether we have moved on, whether we have forgiven. Where are we stuck in repetitive thinking patterns?  Are we churning over old hurts and dramas? There is both the danger of feeling drained, helpless or hopeless or of applying too much analysis and logic, avoiding accessing the emotions. The challenge will be to recognise where we are feeling or playing the victim, to open the heart and let go of the negative thoughts and old ways of thinking that are restricting us. We may feel that what we are trying to create isn’t good enough, that our uniqueness and originality are not being recognised and praised. The lessons are there to be learnt if we are willing to access them and be honest with ourselves as to the role we have played in any drama.

Over the next 2 weeks we can clear unresolved emotional issues, transforming and releasing them. Until 12th Feb, when Mercury goes direct, there is still the possibility of misunderstandings but it is also an excellent time to talk over things from the past, to reflect and to review. Speak from the heart with love, allow more softness and flow to guide communication and break down any barriers to conflict and minimise miscommunication.

It’s not all drama though, not of the negative kind anyway, as it is a good time to dance, play music, perform, create and plan anything that needs to be structured in the future. The passage of time hasn’t been easy recently, one minute dragging its heels and the next gone in a flash of daydreams and things that evolved from things we meant to do. Aren’t distractions so much more enjoyable than “hard work”? There are a few windows where structure and concentration will be easier to access and we need to make the most of them when we feel the energy is more receptive. Dreams may reveal more of what is going on in the unconscious so keep a pen and paper handy to write them down.

The festival of Imbolc, marking the beginning of spring, is on us, encouraging us to shine our light and manifest our gifts. Every time we celebrate and positively express our uniqueness we make it easier for others to do the same.

Looking ahead, there is an intriguing New Moon on 18th February when things may not be what they seem. We thought we knew what was going on, but there is more than one version of “reality” and we have to decide which one we want to go with.  To ease the damp and fog around us, the energy will be building towards the 20th February when Mars goes into the Fire sign of Aries, it’s natural home, and this is when things will really start to take off. So until then, keep planning, dancing and keep an eye on the weather forecast!

Thanks to Terrie Birch for sharing her blog post, you can find out more about Terrie at Astrolgywise –

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