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Insights for the new moon

27th January, 2017 Guest Blog

Guest Blog from, Terrie Celest –

insights-for-the-new-moon If you have read my Full and New Moon insights before, you will know that I like using analogies, descriptive metaphors that give us a symbolic, visual representation for our experiences. I like to try to weave the descriptions of the planets, signs and their expressions into the language and examples I use, some obvious and some probably only discernible to those of you with a bit of astrological experience. The brain understands much on a very subtle and unconscious level and pictures and symbols, working on an unconscious as well as conscious level, have a more personal interpretation than words alone can make. Milton H Erickson was a master of Teaching Tales1 and I would aspire to being half as skilled as him or Richard Bandler, who takes you on such a casual journey, seemingly digressing and going off subject, only to come full circle to a thread he started ten minutes ago, that you had long since forgotten. En route, so much has entered the unconscious that it is impossible to detect the depth of genius behind his layers, twists and turns, and the only thing to do is to stop trying to work out what he is doing, enjoy the conscious conversation and allow your unconscious to do what it wants to with what it is hearing. Not having their skill, my metaphors are much more obvious and simple. Sometimes I get an analogy first and at others I get the interpretation and look for an analogy to paint that picture. This time, I thought I had got the perfect one and then my excitement dissolved into disappointment as it turned out I wasn’t as clever or unique as I thought, or was I?

Exploring the energies of this New Moon chart, I started with the Sun and Moon, together in Aquarius. Ruled by Uranus, this sign and its ruling planet represent us becoming our unique and authentic selves. With the Sun and Moon together, we are tapping into past life experiences of Aquarius, and trying to raise the vibration to a higher expression in this lifetime. A New Moon gives us a fresh start, and therefore, in this sign, equates to beginning a new expression that is more authentic to us.

So, I was musing on what actually stops us from expressing ourselves authentically and how completely unique we all are. Two people, born at the same time and even in the same area will have different personalities and experience their lives differently. As well as being influenced by the people and places that we live in and their layers of history and traditions, we are experiencing life through an unseen filter of past life experiences that colour our reactions and viewpoint. Yet another layer is the ancestral patterning that we all experience within our chosen family, often operating on an unconscious level, that gets woven into our psyche as part of our own until we are able to identify it and separate it out of our own. All these factors contribute to making us, and our experiences, unique.

In describing our natal (birth) astrology chart, I say that it is as unique as our fingerprints, so I didn’t want to copy that analogy. What else could I use that represents how unique we are and how the differing influences of past lives, upbringing, society and ancestral patterns mould us into those unique people, trying to express our individuality?

Inspiration finally struck in the form of snowflakes! I’d heard it said that no two snowflakes are the same, and I guessed this was for a variety of reasons like the origin of the water, climate etc., but I wasn’t sure if this was one of those often-quoted myths that become “reality”. So, I did some research and discovered the stunning snowflake designs below which were attached to a link to a video.


The video was entitled The Science of Snowflakes2 and I must admit I resisted watching it at first, due to a slight aversion to the word science. This comes from a frustration that arises when I see scientists trying to “prove” spiritual energies like healing and end up dismissing them, either because they are trying to disprove them to begin with, making a self-fulfilling prophecy, or because they haven’t yet invented the measuring instruments capable of capturing these energies. Most (not all) scientists (opinion alert!) are very left-brained and academic and are not open-minded enough to accept anything that they cannot ‘prove’. Thankfully, it does seem that the tide is turning and there have been some reputable and accepted studies of things like the aura and proving that the centre of the Earth is crystal. I’m not anti-science or scientists, I just get frustrated when their left-brained, logical and technological approach can’t understand, and therefore dismisses as not existing, my right-brained, intuitive and psychic activities and abilities. So, after acknowledging and grappling with my internal resistance, I clicked on the video accompanying the picture to find out if snowflakes are in fact unique. A couple of minutes in, I got my answer, “Yes”! Great, I was much relieved and felt that this was an analogy that would work well. But my euphoria started dissolving as the video continued and I heard him say; –

“I have to say, this whole “we are unique snowflakes” thing is pretty cheesey. It might be the most overused metaphor in the history of metaphors…..”

Oh no, that spoilt it, how could I use it now, if it has already been used so much it is described as over-used. I hadn’t been aware of ever hearing it, not on a conscious level anyway. Maybe I had though, and that was why I had unconsciously chosen it.  Maybe my ‘inspiration’ was just dragging up a distant memory. Not only had Mr scientist ruined my choice of analogy but I realised that using an over-used analogy would be contradictory to unique expression/ If there’s one thing this Aquarian energy doesn’t like, it is being the same as everyone else. Greatly disheartened, I let the video continue…

It might be the most overused metaphor in the history of metaphors…”,

Yes, OK, I got it, thanks for spoiling it for me…..

“… let me give you a new one”.

Oh wait, hang on, I like the sound of that, maybe there’s more to this after all….

“Snowflakes are symmetrical but they’re not perfect.

Sounds very much like being a human to me.

“They’re ordered, but they’re created in disorder, every random branch retells their history, that singular journey that they took to get here…

That really sounds like a Soul’s journey to me, the Soul Plan with all its possibilities, complete with ancestral patterning and past life energies.

“..and most of all they’re fleeting and temporary…”

…as is this lifetime in the scale of the eternity of the Soul.

“Even if sometimes they don‘t look so unique on the outside, on the inside, if we look within, we can see that they’re truly unique after all.”

Mr scientist, I think I love you after all! In the process of describing the uniqueness of snowflakes and in seeking to put an over-used analogy to bed, he has created a near-perfect analogy for our unique human incarnation and Soul journey, complete with past lives and ancestral programming! See, I knew there was something in this science lark all along!

Wishing you the brightest of New Moon blessings!

1 My Voice Will Go With You, The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson
2 The Science of Snowflakes

© Terrie Celest

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