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12th January, 2017 Guest Blog

coddiwompleGuest Blog from, Terrie Celest –

Isn’t this a fabulous word? One of those that you want to repeat over and over as its obscurity and originality seem to add to its rhythm, sound and meaning. I immediately loved it and resonated with it, complete with small dog. It seemed particularly relevant as I have been going through a couple of years of deep change that I know is taking me forward, with new beginnings on the horizon, but exactly what they are or where they are taking me I do not know! Not knowing where everything is leading, I have been, in true Aries fashion, living in the moment, dealing with what comes up, observing, learning, clearing and healing.  I’m purposefully travelling along my spiritual path although I have no idea of the destination.

I literally, as well as metaphorically, have an unknown destination as I am waiting to move house, but until it happens, I don’t know exactly where that will be. I have an idea of where I want to live, but am open to being taken to where I need to be, rather than where I think I should be. I have put it out to the Universe and my guides, asking to be led to the right place, at the right time. I have been trusting that all is well and will fall into place. Things have not, however, moved as fast as I had hoped, and my patience and trust are tested more with each passing week and as sparks of hope dissipate into nothing.

Then, one day last month, after feeling fed up with the lack of outward progress, I was plummeted emotionally by guidance that I should do something workwise, that, in my eyes, was a backward step. I just couldn’t believe this advice as it contradicted everything that I thought was right about my current life and what I perceived the future to be, and made me feel as if I would be abandoning my spiritual path. The fact that it knocked me so strongly, indicated to me that I had to look deeper to see what was underneath, and by checking my chart and the current transits I was able to confirm that it was a karmic wound. I recognised the old energy that was being triggered, the insecurities and repeating pattern, signalling to me that this old energy needing clearing, but this guidance still didn’t feel right. So, I sat with it for a couple of days, letting the wound open up and the possibility settle into my unconscious, and I explored it. I wanted to make sure that my resistance wasn’t an old pattern in itself that needed to be cleared. I had to face my fears and shadows.

No matter how I looked at it, I still couldn’t accept this guidance as the optimum way forward for me. I could see why it was suggested, but it still, just did not feel right. So, if I didn’t think this was the way forward for me, why had it been presented as a solution? Slowly, it dawned on me that this was a suggestion, but not the only option and not a definite path. Knowing a bit about the Soul planning process, I understand that there is more than one route to where we need to go, none is “right”, none is “wrong”.  And so I realised, if I didn’t want to follow this route that I was being shown, there must be an alternative, in my master plan that I could take instead, and if that was what I wanted to do I would have to let “them” know! Light bulb moment!idea

The gift in this challenge was to give me the motivation to steer my own course. If I didn’t want to take the suggested one, I had to show the Universe the route I did want to take. The key in that lovely word coddiwomple, is purposefully. It is easy to go with the flow but there has to be some commitment on our part. Whilst we can trust whoever we believe in, we have to give some indication of what we want the Universe to deliver. I realised that, although I thought I had been, on a deeper level I had been leaving it almost too much to trust, and not showing them my preferences. I was walking, and smelling the flowers, enjoying the journey like the fellow in the image, but, with my “work”, my step wasn’t purposeful enough to indicate the path I wanted to take.

A lot of people think that, as a karmic astrologer I have all the answers to my life’s questions and challenges. If only that were true!! The truth is, that I am human, and have human trials and tribulations and am riding my Soul’s rollercoaster journey as a human. Astrology gives me the ability to understand what is going on, why I am feeling a certain way, why things are going fine one moment and the next I feel as if I have fallen down a well. The astrology, along with other tools such as crystals, guided meditations, ENLP, sprays and essences etc., etc. provide the ladder up, a route out of that well, but I have to climb it myself. And just because the ladder is there, doesn’t mean that I just get on it and climb back out. Sometimes it is so dark I can’t see the ladder, and sometimes I am so caught within myself and the situation that is causing me distress that it doesn’t even permeate my consciousness that there might be a ladder there. And sometimes, I know I just have to sit with it, I have to experience what is going on rather than gain an intellectual understanding. Understanding is only a part of the process of self-knowledge; the other is experiencing.

Over time, I have learnt where some wells might be lurking and can sometimes take an alternative route, or might even go to the edge of one and peer down it. Practise, along with determination not to fall back into old patterning can help me, at that point, to acknowledge that particular well and choose not to go into it. But sometimes, I just have to go down one, and I might not have any choice in the matter. Whatever is lurking in the depths, has to be acknowledged and faced.

It will probably come as no surprise to you, given my above analogy (which wasn’t consciously chosen), that I have a well in my back garden, the word Well is in my address and many of my neighbouring properties have wells too. A stream runs below the house, fed by the nearby spring that feeds our wells, I have also lived in a road called Water Lane and the house my parents lived in when I was born, although just off the town centre, had a stone step to the front door that went over a trickling stream. Do we see a theme here?

If the mention of my well conjures up a romantic picture for you, the reality is that it is hidden beneath a very boring and utilitarian drain cover on the patio and has an electric pump to a hosepipe rather than a nice wooden bucket on a rope. Useful for washing my muddy four-legged companions off and for watering the garden without increasing the water bill, it serves as a practical addition to the property rather than the romantic feature I would have liked to create from it. Last year I did some healing work on my well and the water energies of the land, using crystals (Celtic Quartz) and trigonic essence. I knew the water healing had to be done, and I must admit I put it off. The manhole cover is heavy and awkward to lift and replace single-handled, and my memories of the well, not looked at for several years, were that it was a dark, murky and very unappealing place. When I finally pushed myself to do it, it was much easier than I thought, and despite an irrational fear of falling down it (past life energies?), I was surprised that the well looked a lot nicer than I thought and I actually admired its shape, construction and the colour of the bricks. The clarity of the water surprised me too. In time-honoured tradition, I listened and watched as I dropped the crystals into place, waiting for the satisfying “plop” to indicate the depth of the water.

drop something into it

The only way we can tell how deep the well is, is to drop something into it. Terrie Celest

There is only so much surface, emotional healing work we can do using logic, understanding, and unconscious healing modalities. Sometimes we have to face our shadows and look into the depths, and I believe it is impossible to heal and grow purely on a conscious or logical level. Sometimes we need to go into the depths and FEEL. This Full Moon is one of those times. It is highlighting a tricky astrological pattern that has been around since the end of last year. Have you noticed that, even more than usual, there is a stark contrast between how different people are experiencing life at the moment? Some are really upbeat and “cooking on gas”, whilst others seem to be down one of their own wells and finding it difficult to climb out.

The current pattern is stressful, it is also full of potential. Key to this, is the opposition between Uranus and Jupiter. Uranus encourages authenticity and can bring us breakthroughs, but sometimes we need to experience a breakdown before we can breakthrough. We have to have the down first, before we can climb back up that ladder and smell the flowers again. This is because there is healing work to be done in the well, old stuff that needs clearing.

Jupiter acts like a magnifying glass, enlarging whatever we are looking at through that glass. This is creating the extremes, the highs and lows we are experiencing. If we already have a low, it can push us deeper, if we are high, we can feel as if we are flying. There are few in-betweens.

There is a lot of latent power, waiting to be tapped into, once we have cleared the debris, and like all power, this can be used constructively or destructively. A rising impatience with anything that will not fit into our future, can act as a catalyst to break through the surface and out of the depths. Self-discipline might seem a boring phrase, especially if you have a spontaneous, care-free nature, but sometimes we need to take control and, in true coddiwompling style, be more purposeful.

This Cancer Full Moon adds to the Uranus/Jupiter pattern, bringing old hurts to the surface. Cancer can hold onto the past, and spend too much time there. The Moon in Cancer is very sensitive and can take things personally, so if you find yourself feeling hurt or slighted by something that someone says or does, take a step back and realise that it is not personal.

I love this ancient oak, it is further along the stream that runs below my house. We pass it on our dog walks and Izzy particularly likes sniffing around its base, searching for a squirrel or whatever else has left its scent. Its canopy is impressively wide as is its aura, and, like most oaks, I find it very reassuring. The slow growth of oak, gives it a steady, reliable character. You know it has stood in that spot for hundreds of years, following the seasons of death and rebirth, a constant cycle of slow but determined growth, despite whatever change is going on around him. This oak was once master of a field but is now surrounded by new houses and roads and all the energetic changes that accompany those human actions. Standing under its canopy the other day, I noticed how brightly the growing Moon, against a winter clear sky, was shining through its bare branches and I instantly felt reassured. My feelings of uncertainty fell away as I felt the dependability of the repeating cycles of both the oak and the Moon, representing a constant, and reminding me that everything is cyclical, even our emotions.

Life is a series of cycles. Nature grows, flowers, seeds, dies back and rests ready to grow and flower again. The Moon waxes and wanes and moves through the signs. It has dark periods and days where it is hidden behind the clouds, and then it grows and illuminates our skies and our unconscious, helping us gain more understanding. And our lives have periods of growth, periods where we are in the flow and flourish, and periods when we have to go inside, rest and regenerate. As humans, we experience a full range of emotions, we have ups and downs. We all have ups, we all have downs, as part of the natural cycle of things and that’s OK.

There is so much emphasis put on positive thinking and manifestation techniques, that we sometimes feel “bad” if we aren’t positive or can’t pull ourselves up straight away when we are down. The only way we can tell how deep the well is, is to drop something into it. Sometimes, that something is us. We have to drop ourselves into the depths and experience them, face them and heal them.

its ok not to be okIf you aren’t doing so well at the moment, that’s OK. Remind yourself that this is part of your own cycle and will pass.

If you are struggling, that’s OK. This might be your down time. And that’s OK.

If you are currently well-dwelling whilst those around you seem to be riding the wave, that’s OK. This is their up time, and that’s OK too.

It’s OK, not to be OK. Allow yourself to be, with no judgement.

Part of being authentic, of being true to ourselves, is to simply accept what is going on for us at the moment, and to honour it, especially if it is different to everyone else, as that shows that we are being authentic and listening to our higher wisdom.  I think Dr Seuss put it perfectly.

Today you are YOU, that is TRUER than true.
There is NO ONE alive who is YOUER than YOU!

Dr SeussWhen you are ready, look for the ladder and climb it. Take a look around, smell the flowers, and step purposefully, even if you are unsure of your destination.

Wishing you the brightest of Full Moon blessings.
© Terrie Celest

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