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Glastonbury to Knowlton, Solstice preparations and Star beings!!

1st July, 2015 Guest Blog

Just taking a short break to write this in between unpacking from the weekend and preparing for readings during the rest of the week. Got back late last night after a Mind Body Spirit fair in Glastonbury on Saturday and then spent the evening and yesterday for the Summer Solstice with Judy Hall. More to follow on that later I’m still uploading videos and all the photos I took, approx 200, but it was an amazing day and very worthwhile as we set up a spiral of Welsh Golden Healer Quartz to send out Earth healing.

Whilst I’m sorting everything out I thought I’d give you a taster of the weekend. As you can imagine the energy in Glastonbury just before the Solstice was vibrant, energetic, and eclectic. I was slightly disappointed that the fair didn’t end till 5 o’clock as I would miss all the wonderful retail opportunities the town presents. However, fate intervened and when I arrived I only had enough loose change for a few hours parking and the credit card machine was out of order! So, I slipped out in between readings, just in time to put more hours on the parking. I had to go past the wonderful crystal shop Elestial en route. Well, I would just have a quick look I told myself. It’s all Sean Bean’s fault, this photo and phrase had made me laugh earlier in the week.

walk-past-a-crystal-shopWell, I couldn’t walk past, could I?

So, I just had a little look.

It’s not the biggest of shops but it always feels cavernous to me, a bit of a tardis with the wide selection of beautifully displayed crystals. I’m like a kid in a sweet shop, feel spoilt for choice and always see something new.

The vast array of tumbles with their wonderful colours always pulls me but unusually, nothing caught my attention this time, not enough to give it a new home. Looking around again, I spotted some Preseli Bluestone and a skull winked at me. Oh, very tempting, but, I rationalised, I’m still getting to know my own skull. More work to do there before I get another. Although he might like a friend to talk to?  I was aware of a “collecting” energy creeping into the recesses of my unconscious and told myself firmly, not now!! It’s too easy to say, I haven’t got one of those, and add it to my existing collection. I wastrying to be a bit more selective, purposeful, to find what I actually needed that day. Bidding farewell to Mr Preseli I continued my search for whatever it was that was coming home with me today. It wasn’t until I got back to the fair that I reread the draft blog Judy Hall had sent me of her preparatory visit to Knowlton earlier that morning. She had taken her Preseli skull who had finally revealed his name to her. . (Read more here

Last time Judy and I were in Elestial together we found some wonderful pieces in amongst some that were damaged and reduced. Always enjoy seeing what’s there, and bargains too, so I rarely go home empty handed.

So it was, that a piece of peacock ore and two tear drop shaped beads of Picasso Jasper (all seemingly perfect) found their way back to the fair with me, together with cotton to make the beads into necklaces. I wasn’t sure of the energies of the Jasper but had felt that they were for Judy and I to wear for the Solstice.

So in a quiet moment I looked them up (I have no idea how I was able to access the Internet without Wi-Fi connection that day, it was always there when I needed it).

When Judy read this she immediately said:
‘Glastonbury has free Wifi everywhere. It makes the energies of the Assembly rooms toxic for me. I can’t go in without huge anti-EMF protection. I sit with a big Selenite ball under my chair and hang Shungite round my neck and fill my pockets. But I have to be very committed to what’s going on to stay in there.  It’s part of why I wrote Crystals Prescriptions 3: Crystal solutions to Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic Stress. Why on earth they thought it a good idea to have free Wifi in a place with so many psychics and sensitive people I’ll never know. Here’s a link that shows you exactly how it affects people there, it even made the Daily Telegraph!

The description of the Picasso Jasper fitted in perfectly with a post I had seen on Facebook earlier that morning about the new “fad” of adult colouring in. This is what I posted on Facebook;

“I have just bought some Picasso Jasper and looked up its properties, part of which says- Like the artist it is named after. Picasso Jasper reminds us that the greatest achievements of the master was his breaking of all the rules, and painting in the child-like freedom of now. “The childlike freedom of now”, what a wonderful phrase! Let’s let our hair down and celebrate the Solstice with joyous wonder!

And this also had a synchronicity with Judy’s blog as she had talked about her other, rather large skull named  Horace who was rather grumpy. It felt like we had to encourage him to lighten up a bit and definitely to celebrate the Solstice.

I noticed when we went up to Knowlton in the morning, there were several dogs getting their exercise, running frenetically but joyously round and round, absolutely enjoying themselves, often while their human guardians sat on the grass watching, amused at the abandon and genuine zest for life and freedom in nature, the dogs were exhibiting. Later, after  we went back and set up the Earth healing for the Solstice, a child was flying a beautiful coloured kite high above the church, dipping and diving with the currents. Another reminder of the joys of childhood and the wonder of doing childlike things.

I will post more on what we did later and the video for You Tube I’m editing of our layout. Meanwhile here are a few photos to whet your appetite.

Firstly, I have to share these three, with kind permission from Judy.. As you can imagine, Judy’s home has quite a lot of crystals in it and her dining room table this time was full of things she is sorting out for various workshops she has coming up. I literally laughed out loud when I saw the following written on the top of a box, right in the middle! Only in Judy Hall’s house, can I imagine seeing this!


And later on she said, oh, here’s another one! So it went on the box, waiting to join the rest of its……….friends / intergalactic travelers / family / species???


Having dogs and cats, I am used to seeing chairs occupied by them, after all they always like the best seat in the house! But this is Judy’s house and she does too much travelling to have a four-legged companion. So guess what had pride of place, and was very comfortably sat in a chair? A stunningly large and beautiful crystal!

So here are a few more pictures to give you a flavour, watch out for the video and more details soon!

Thanks to Terrie Birch for sharing her blog post, you can find out more about Terrie at Astrolgywise –

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