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The Book of Portals

8th January, 2015 Egyptian Winter Solstice trip

Valley of the Kings

I invariably travel with John Anthony West’s Travellers Key to Ancient Egypt and I always find something new that resonates with my current cogitations. This time I was sitting in the Valley of the Kings thinking about the chakras and kundalini and idly flipping through the Key suddenly saw that, according to JAW, The Book of Gates could be translated as The Book of Portals. Light bulb moment!

the-bookI’ve used the twelve gates of death and rebirth meditation that I derived from the ancient text many times in workshops and it’s in my novel Torn Clouds (and on my website under free downloads). It was particularly potent when I used it with Margaret just before her stem cell transplant (see her Under Cover of Darkness blog and the book to be published shortly). But suddenly I’m seeing it not as gates but as portals. Twelve energy centres that include the ‘higher chakras’ we’ve been busy opening in workshops throughout 2014. 2015 will see those portals opening for the rise of kundalini and the assimilation of a new frequency. I’ll be exploring the idea further in the Crystals and Sacred Sites workshop on January 17th using stones from Egypt and will report back.

Here’s a glimpse of the book. Don’t try to think it through. Let the images speak to your imagination, this is a journey of the mind and the spirit not intellectual understanding.



The Book of Gates, Ramses II




Upstretched arms

The upstretched arms in the centre represent the ka, soul or solar principle, journeying back to light.

I leave you to contemplate Wallis Budge’s translation of the Book of What is in the Amduat (the Otherworld), instructions for the soul on how to pass through the hours of the night. His translation has been superseded by others but he captures the flavour well.


The majesty of this great god taketh up his position in this Circle at the limits of the thick darkness, and this great god is born under the form of KHEPERA in this Circle. The gods NU and AMMUI, and HEH and HEH[UT] are in this Circle at the birth of this great god, when he maketh his appearance from the Tuat, and taketh up his place in the Matet Boat, and riseth from between the thighs of the goddess Nut…

The sun Reborn

The sun reborn out of the Duat. Photo copyright Terrie Birch.

[This is] the secret Circle of the Tuat, wherein this great god is born, when he maketh his appearance in NU, and taketh up his place in the body of NUT.

Whosoever shall make [a copy] of these [representations] according to the figures which are depicted on the east [wall] of the palace of Ament of the Tuat, they shall be magical protectors to him that knoweth them upon earth, both in heaven and on earth.

At this point the light beginneth [to come], and it is the end of the thick darkness which Ra travelleth through in Amentet, and of the secret matters which this great god performed therein. He who hath no knowledge of the secret representations of the Tuat, shall be condemned to destruction.

Whosoever shall make [a copy] of these [representations] according to this copy of what is in the Ament of the Tuat, [which] cannot be looked at or seen, and whosoever shall know these secret images shall be in the condition of the spirit who is equipped [for journeying], and shall come forth [from] and shall descend into the Tuat, and shall hold converse with the men and women who live [there] regularly and unfailingly, millions of times.

Now isn’t that an interesting thought?

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