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No Going Back

9th January, 2015 Egyptian Winter Solstice trip

Philae Temple, Aswan

You’ll have seen the amazing photo that Terrie Birch took of me at Philae Temple last year with healing rays coming down into the photograph I was carrying.

Healing RaysOn our current trip we wanted to show Margaret and Stephen, who were there in person this time, the magic spot. To recreate the experience. But! When we went into the Imhotep chapel, the face of Hathor wasn’t there. One of the most potent healing moments of my life had seemingly disappeared.

Judy & MargaretI had to ask myself, when we stepped into the temple in February 13 did we step into another dimension that was needed at that time? Margaret was then undergoing intense chemotherapy. But now, in December 14, she was vibrantly healthy as you can see below. It set me thinking about parallel realities, multi-dimensions, shamanic journeys and moving in and out of time, something I do constantly with far memory, regression therapy and higher vibration crystal work.

Face of HathorIt also, when we examined the new photographs Terrie had taken from a slightly different angle, set me debating about what and how we perceive. I still clearly see the face of Hathor in that earlier photo and it still feels as though Margaret and I are infused with the healing energy of the goddess. But in the new photos altogether different hieroglyphs are visible, the meaning of which I’m trying to track down in case it offers an insight. So far two of them seem to mean ‘on the edge of life’ so that seems appropriate.

As you can see, the original photo is resting on a Hathor head and Margaret is then sitting on the same carving. Nicki Skully calls Hathor the goddess of magic and alchemy. She sees her as a medicine woman who offers the gift of transmutation and integration. According to Nicki, Hathor can teach us how to ‘create from beauty and consciousness rather than from the intensity of suffering’ (Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt). A message that the new high vibration crystals have also been conveying with great insistency and with which I wholeheartedly concur.

The ancient Egyptians were masters of time. Shapeshifters who effortlessly traversed multiple dimensions and who manipulated apparent realities. The instructions books are still incised into the temple and tomb walls. I know that my last Egyptian incarnation was at Philae. It, along with Temple Mut at Karnak, is ‘home’. Where, in multiple timeframes, I belong. So did I call Hathor and Imhotep (who worked wonders for Margaret once I got home, see her blog), or simply change realities?

Changing Realities

Egyptian temples

Egyptian temples. Portal to a new reality? Photo copyright Terrie Birch.

I know that it’s possible to seemingly step ‘back’ into the ‘past’, reframe it and heal in the present moment. Forty five years as a regression therapist taught me that and I’ve seen some miraculous results.

But can it be the exact same moment? No, I don’t think so. Even given the flexibility of time – and the insights quantum physics gives us into particles that are everywhere and nowhere at once – a moment cannot repeat itself. But perhaps it can infinitely recreate itself with infintesimal changes. A kind of perpetual Groundhog Day where something is exactly right in that moment. That suggests we could step into a parallel reality at any moment. One that better suits our soulplan.

Equally I know we can move into the ‘future’ to create something that travels ‘backwards’ to the benefit of the present. And we can access multidimensions and multiverses. We can send our traumas and dramas into another dimension for transmutation, and access our soul gifts. We can draw from another reality all our potentialities and actualise the most beneficial. Make them real. Now. So let’s do it.


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