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My Lady of the Flame

10th January, 2015 Egyptian Winter Solstice trip

Karnak Temple

On my first visit to Karnak almost 30 years ago a temple guardian whispered urgently ‘Sekhmet. You want see Sekhmet?’ ‘Yes, yes.’ My heart sang. I had no idea what he was talking about, I was responding to an atavistic call I could not ignore. She’s been my guide and mentor ever since.

When the door opened to reveal her eight foot tall figure lit by a shaft of sunlight, I wanted to fall full length before her. When the guardian touched my hand to her chakras and then to mine, I lit up like a Christmas tree. I really don’t care whether this is a replica of an ancient ritual or not – although I remember it well and used it in my novel Torn Clouds as such. It is an immensely powerful kundalini activation.

In 2013 when we tried to visit Sekhmet carrying Margaret’s photo a French archaeologist firmly blocked the way. The only time in all my visits that I have been denied access to My Lady. But I thought perhaps her fierce fires of transformation would be too strong for Margaret. She needed a gentler alchemy so we put her into the hands of Khephera, the scarab beetle who regulates the cycles and life and cosmic forces throughout the multiverses. In December 2014 Margaret was strong enough to perform the seven revolutions of his statue for herself. But she still wasn’t ready for Sekhmet. Not everyone is.

Beloved face

Emerging from the gloom.

While Margaret and Stephen explored the main temple with the tour guide from the boat, Terrie and I headed off towards the hidden sanctuary of My Lady. The guy with the key came rushing to meet us. There is always much shushing and vows of secrecy involved – it ups the baksheesh no doubt. But it also helps you to feel that you are entering space that is set aside and holy. Few tourists visit this out of the way shrine.

Acknowledging her husband Ptah as we passed, we waited for the door to creak open. No shaft of sunlight this time but my ever-ready torch did the job, lighting up the beloved face. Terrie and I performed the chakra ritual for each other and were ready to enter Temple Mut and be rebirthed.

My Lady of the Flame

Photo copyright Terrie Birch


I simply had to include this shine in Crystals and Sacred Sites so you can visit her from the comfort of your armchair. No need to get on a plane, but you wont regret it if you do.


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