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Uluru and Kata Tjuta

Australia Map“Aboriginal people can feel the energy and Light of Uluru even though they may live many miles from it . . . The depth of spiritual significance of this sacred site reaches into the very heart of all Aboriginal people.” —

Uluru, the mysterious red heart of a continent, has been sacred for at least 10,000 years but probably goes back into the mythical dreamtime. It is home to the spirits of the ancestors. Traditionally, when nomadic Aboriginal people moved to a new area, they buried a small piece of Uluru in the new land to keep them connected to Uluru and each other.

Crystal Connections

The largest isolated rock in the world, Uluru is a massive Sandstone dome in the middle of a flat landscape. Like an iceberg, most of its bulk is hidden. A thousand feet (330 m) high, it stretches for more than 2 miles (3.2 km) and is more than 1.5 miles (2.4 km) wide. It penetrates several miles into the Earth. Scattered around the base of Uluru are small, trisected pebbles known as “Uluru’s Children,” Uluru Amulet Stones, or Alcheringa. The Aboriginal people have requested that these stones no longer be collected for sale. Most amulet stones now available are a related type of Agate collected nearby or Mount Hay Thunder Stones. Ac-cording to Aboriginal myth, the gods took all the colors of the rainbow and put it into Opal.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Mythology, legends, and lore

Solar plexus chakra of the world, Uluru is a powerful magnetic vortex point in the Australian landscape, connecting closely to the heart chakra at Glastonbury on the opposite side of the globe. Under different light conditions, the rock alternative glows bright red, blue, or violet. Known to white Australians as Ayers Rock, it was returned to the guardianship of the indigenous people in 1985 and reverted to its Aboriginal name, Uluru.

Its caves, pools, and gullies have long been places of ritual and ceremony. To the Aborigines, this stark mound is sacred ground, and it is sacrilege to climb it or to take stones away. For them, it is the heart of their land and they request that visitors respect its sacredness.

Uluru is important in Aboriginal creation mythology, and the caves around its base carry pictographs of dreamtime stories. The Aboriginal people believe Uluru called them to Gonwana (Australia), and that this mound is where Balame, the divine father, meets Ngaya, the divine mother. According to myth, the bodies of the ancestors hardened into features on the ground. Various outcrops represent different spirits invoked by touching the rock. The birthing pool of the mythical Rainbow Serpent lies at the rock’s foot.

Myth says that during the dreamtime, the land existed but was formless. One legend says Uluru was created when two boys played with mud. In the dreamtime, huge ancestral beings wandered the Earth, fighting and performing sacred ceremonies. Where they traveled, the Earth took on form to commemorate their passing. During the dreamtime, laws and traditions were made that still govern Aboriginal life today. Each clan claims a kinship with one of these original beings, their totem animal.

Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

Part of the same national park, Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) also figures largely in Aboriginal spirituality. The name means “many heads” and thirty-six knobs of conglomerate rock are scattered over an area of 10 square miles (26 sq km). Kata Tjuta is a much less visited site than Uluru. This site is a mythological map tied together with song lines. Each dome represents an event from the dreamtime. By walking the lines and chanting, Aborigines connect back into that ancient past. Past and present become one.

Kata Tjuta

Uluru’s Children: Alcheringa Stone and Uluru Amulet Stone

As Alcheringa Stone is reserved for Aboriginal people, nearby Uluru Amulet Stone or Mount Hay Thunder Ag-ate is substituted. True Alcheringa Stones are trisected, reflecting the harmonious relationship between nature, the Earth, and all creatures that live on it.

Uluru Amulet stone’s properties

Amulet stones are traditionally carried for protection and good luck, but Alcheringa Stones have a much deeper property: that of connection to the land, the spirit of the ancestors, and the dreamtime. The stone stores the energy of its volcanic origins, which is drawn upon for healing. It can also be energetically charged by a healer or shaman.

Uluru Amulet Stone cleanses the biomagnetic field and lets a psychic vie w the aura or receive messages. By enhancing the wearer’s sense of harmony and balance, the stone increases positive vibrations and physical vitality. Wearing the stone prevents anger and rage.

Uluru Amulet stone’s healing power

Uluru Amulet increases stamina and helps overall coherence of the body. It protects against depression and weather-related illnesses. This stone cleanses the blood and has a beneficial effect on the metabolism.

Journey into the Land’s Heart

This journey takes you into the sacred heartland of Australia and into the power of landscape and place.


Respectfully request permission to connect to this site.

Playing a didgeridoo CD enhances this journey.


The journey

Holding your stone, envision the great red bulk of Uluru. Let the stone take you on a journey around the sacred rock. Feel its power as you walk; feel its connection to the ancient dreamtime and the song lines of this ancient land. Feel the rock singing you home.

Mount Hay Thunderstone

Mount Hay Thunderstone, (also known as Thunder Agate) is permissible for non-Aboriginal use.