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The following Directory of Crystals has been created especially for my online members. It is designed as a quick guide to the essential crystals, those that we are most likely to use and come across. More details on these crystals, and details of those not included here, can be found in my Crystal Bibles 1, 2 and 3, 101 Power Crystals and many of my other books.

Included in the description of each crystal, are suitable methods of cleaning or purifying your crystals, and also how to recharge them. You can find details of each method on the Purifying Your Crystal page.

You can filter crystals alphabetically by simply selecting the letter.



Black, Blue, Blue/Green, Electric Blue, Gold Sheen, Green Mahogany, Mahogany Sheen, Rainbow, Red-Black, Silver Sheen, Snowflake, Spider Web

Obsidian is a fast acting, powerful stone without boundaries or limitations that is strongly grounding, protective and shields against negativity. It draws out and dissolves painful memories, clears confusion and constricting beliefs emotional blockages and ancient traumas, but can explode the truth out into the open before it brings depth and clarity to the mind and emotions, calms stress, brings peace and creates deep soul healing.  Obsidian brings you face to face with your shadow side and teaches you how to integrate it, helping you to know who you truly are.   It also helps you to identify behavioural patterning which is now outworn and outdated. When used appropriately and skilfully, it is cathartic and can vitalize soul purpose. Nothing can be hidden from Obsidian and it impels us to grow, lending solid support to do so, encouraging exploration of the unknown and opening new horizons.  It is helpful for highly sensitive people, blocks psychic attack, removes negative spiritual influence, anchors the spirit into the body, promotes compassion and strength and gives confidence and ease to face the unknown.

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Ocean Orbicular Jasper

– see Jasper

Ocean Orbicular Jasper (The Atlantis Stone), gets its name from its origin in and near to the ocean and also its ocean-like colours. With its swirling patterns symbolising the interconnectedness of all things, a reminder of nature’s cycles, Ocean Jasper assists in coping with change and with giving service to humanity. Its circular markings resonate with circular breathing, which it facilitates, and anything that cycles and circulates. This is a stone of renewal and strength that holds mystic knowledge, connects you to Atlantis and takes you back to reclaim wisdom. Assisting in reframing and transmuting misuse of spiritual power at any time, it teaches wise use of power and will. Helpful for healers and counsellors, Ocean Jasper facilitates loving yourself and others, being more empathetic to emotional and mental needs whilst remaining objective and detached. If Drusy Quartz is within the stone, it focuses and intensifies healing intention.

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Onyx is a secretive stone that helps you keep your own counsel and holds the memories of things that have happened to the wearer, making it useful for psychometry, past life work and healing old grief, sorrows and injuries. It is a mental tonic that alleviates overwhelming fears and worries and recognises and integrates dualities within oneself

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Andean Blue, Black-Brown-Grey, Blue, Cherry, Chrysopal (Blue-Green), Ethiopia, Fire, Girasol (Blue Opal), Green, Hyalite (Water Opal), Mount Shasta, Oregon, Owyhee Blue

Opal is an ancient, delicate, fine vibration seductive stone associated with love and passion, desire and eroticism that releases inhibitions.  It brings loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity, stimulates originality and dynamic creativity, enhances self-worth and helps you to understand your full potential and express your true self. Opal is absorbent and reflective, amplifies traits and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation picks up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them, and returns them to their origin.  It intensifies, releases and stabilises emotions but other stones may be needed to centre first and to integrate. A karmic stone, it teaches emotional responsibility and  that what you put out comes back and reveals past, emotional states especially in other lives.

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Orange Kyanite

– see Kyanite More Details

Orange River Quartz

– see Quartz

The hematite(iron)-rich colouring of Orange River Quartz resonates with the Sacral chakra, making this an immensely energising stone of creativity that revitalises and brings a zest for life. It draws creative energies from the earth and takes it up the chakra line. When you feel lacking in joy or energy, this stone reconnects you to giving and receiving pleasure and re-motivates you to your soul purpose. Orange River Quartz connects you to your spiritual power and helps to overcome karmic misuse or abuse of power. A tantric twin form can call in your twinflame if you are emotionally prepared. Physically, Orange River realigns the meridians of the body and encourages energy flow in organs via purified and re-energised blood.

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Oregon Opal

– see Opal

releases old grief, trauma and disappointment, replacing these with joy and lightness. It assists past life exploration and karmic healing showing how what is created in one life affects another. This stone searches out lies and delusions, both from other people and self-deception, revealing the truth and ensuring you speak your emotional truth by cleansing the emotional body of baggage and amplifying the entire range of positive emotions.  Physically, it removes excess mucus.

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Owyhee Blue Opal

– see Opal

Owyhee Opal is a celestial blue, high vibration stone that connects you to the highest angelic guidance and to your own guides, opens metaphysical abilities, strengthens intuition and facilitates multi-dimensional journeying and reaching the goals you set for yourself. It has a quiet strength, helping you to be more confident and decisive and aids in activating and drawing on your own personal power. Its deeply soothing vibration dispels shyness and anxiety and assists in dealing with unfounded fears and feelings of confusion. This stone clears negative mental patterns and expectations, and instils clarity.

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