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The following Directory of Crystals has been created especially for my online members. It is designed as a quick guide to the essential crystals, those that we are most likely to use and come across. More details on these crystals, and details of those not included here, can be found in my Crystal Bibles 1, 2 and 3, 101 Power Crystals and many of my other books.

Included in the description of each crystal, are suitable methods of cleaning or purifying your crystals, and also how to recharge them. You can find details of each method on the Purifying Your Crystal page.

You can filter crystals alphabetically by simply selecting the letter.



Violet Hypersthene (Velvet Labradorite), Yellow (Bytownite), Spectrolite

Labradorite has iridescent layers of colours that reflect when turned and can take you into another world or into other lives where you can access esoteric knowledge, enhance intuition and clear emotional debris. It supports through change, imparts strength and perseverance, strengthens faith in oneself and trust in the universe. This stone brings up suppressed memories from the past, dispels illusions, going to the root of a matter and showing the intention behind thoughts and actions. Its reflective qualities make it an excellent protector, keeping others’ energies out – wear it as a pendant in group or healing situations. Labradorite pulls in spiritual power, raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. It aligns the physical and etheric bodies, accesses spiritual purpose, balances the rational mind with intuitive wisdom, calms an over-active mind and brings in new ideas. A stone of transformation, it prepares body and soul for the ascension process.Spectrolite is a higher vibration of Labradorite.

Caution: This stone/crystal contains toxic material and is best used tumbled. Wash hands after use and make essence by the indirect method only.

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an ancient and highly prized stone whose golden flecks made it a prosperity stone.  Dedicated to Venus, it assists in taking charge of life and bonds love and friendship. Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye, stimulates enlightenment, dream work, psychic abilities and spiritual journeying. This stone of serenity quickly releases stress, clears martyrdom, repressed anger, cruelty and suffering, bringing deep peace. It heightens your creativity, reveals inner truth, helping you confront it and accept its teachings. Encouraging free self-expression without compromising it brings honesty, compassion and uprightness to a relationship. Lapis Lazuli harmonises conflict and teaches you the power of the spoken word and the value of active listening. It is a protective stone that repels psychic attack.  Lapis Lazuli quickly helps a migraine, especially from psychic causes and balances the throat chakra. This stone harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, bringing deep inner self- knowledge.

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(Dolphin Stone/Blue Pectolite)

Larimar is an ethereal, spiritual, earth healing stone that opens to new dimensions, aiding evolution of the earth, counteracts geopathic stress and connects to the earth goddess. Radiating love and peace it brings tranquillity and equilibrium and effortlessly induces a deeply meditative state. It naturally raises consciousness and harmonizes body and soul to new vibrations.  Larimar helps women to reattune to their innate femininity and restore their connection with nature. Healing past life relationships or heart trauma it can also be used to attract a soulmate. Reconnecting to natural playfulness and joyful child energy, it stimulates creativity and encourages ‘going with the flow’.

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Lazulite draws in pure universal energy stimulates intuition, promoting balance and cosmic alignment and induces profound states of bliss when placed on the third eye. Giving insight into underlying causes of psychological and life problems, it provides intuitive solutions. Pinpointing reasons behind addiction, it detaches from desire for more – or obsessive control. Psychologically, it boosts confidence and self-esteem.

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Lemurian Seed

– see Quartz

Lemurian Seed crystals are characterised by etched markings on their sides, which can act as a ladder to access inter- and multi-dimensional states. They show us that we are many-dimensional beings, specks in the scale of incarnation, and the illusion of human time and how to move beyond its boundaries. They are perfect for angelic contact, past life therapy, anchor ancient wisdom into the present and reawaken inherent skills and healing abilities and hold unconditional love for the earth and all upon it. Excellent tools for lightworkers, they remind them not to neglect working on themselves as well as others. Lemurians assist conscious dreaming and show how thoughts can be harnessed to manifest.

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Lepidocrocite acts as a bridge between matter and consciousness, helping to implement spiritual insights and heightening intuition. It encourages non-judgemental observation, recognising your strengths, teaching truth without dogma and commitment to your life journey/soul path. Lepidocrocite aids empowering others without entering into power struggles yourself. It stimulates the mind, dissolves confusion and overcomes negative thoughts, aloofness and disparity, replacing these with unconditional love

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Lepidolite is a stabilising stone, balancing mood swings and bi-polar disorders, dissipating stress and negativity, especially despondency and depression, halting obsessive thoughts and overcoming insomnia.  It overcomes emotional or mental dependency, supporting in overcoming addictions of all kinds including anorexia.  Alerting you to past life blockages, it assists in moving forward, encourages independence and achieving goals without outside help.

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Limonite is grounding and stabilising, imparts endurance and stimulates inner strength, particularly when faced with extreme conditions and is useful for removing yourself from the mire.  It protects mind and body from outside influence, sharpens the mind, enhances telepathy, increases efficiency of thought and ameliorates confusion. This stone facilitates standing firm without needing to fight back and favourably assists legal situations. With the support of other stones it brings about inner child healing.

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