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The following Directory of Crystals has been created especially for my online members. It is designed as a quick guide to the essential crystals, those that we are most likely to use and come across. More details on these crystals, and details of those not included here, can be found in my Crystal Bibles 1, 2 and 3, 101 Power Crystals and many of my other books.

Included in the description of each crystal, are suitable methods of cleaning or purifying your crystals, and also how to recharge them. You can find details of each method on the Purifying Your Crystal page.

You can filter crystals alphabetically by simply selecting the letter.



Blizzard StoneTM, Gabbro with Pyrite, Indigo Gabbro, Mystic MerliniteTM

Gabbro is a peaceful stone that is extremely supportive and deeply grounded. It plugs you into the earth and puts a protective shield around you, cutting out WiFi and electromagnetic pollution and negative energies. The synergistic mix of its many mineral components is incredibly powerful, helping you ride out energetic perturbations and putting you in touch with your Higher Self. Highlighting changes that are needed in your life, it dissipates confusion and instils strength of mind. This stone assists in releasing karmic contracts and core soul beliefs that no longer serve you.

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Gaia Stone

Gaia Stone opens and unites the earth and heart chakras and harmonises the entire chakra flow. It has a powerful link to the Earth Mother, connecting both men and women to the divine feminine within, attunes to devas and the anima terra and the soul of the earth. In creating close harmony with the earth and the environment, Gaia Stone assists in healing the etheric energy grid of the planet especially when gridded around areas of disharmony or pollution. Having been born out of fire itself, this stone shows the value in the spiritual purification and transmutation that occurs through psychological catharsis and alchemical processes within the body or the earth.

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Galena is lead-based and is a grounding and balancing stone. It anchors the soul in incarnation and centers in oneself, brings balance on all levels and harmonises the physical, etheric and spiritual planes.  This stone is an aid to holistic healing.  It is excellent for doctors, homeopaths and herbalists.  It encourages further investigation and trials opens up the mind, expanding ideas and dissolving self-limiting mental assumptions from the past.

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Almandine, Andradite, Grossularite, Hessonite, Melanite, Pyrope, Rhodolite, Spessartite, Uvarovite

Red Garnet removes inhibitions and taboos, stimulates passion and increases your sexual potency. It has long been a symbol of love and devotion, opening up the heart and bestowing self confidence In particular, it stimulates the controlled rise of kundalini energy and aids potency.   It revitalizes feelings and is a powerfully energising stone whilst conversely, it can bring you serenity.  This stone controls anger, especially towards one’s self and helps in challenging situations, especially if you feel helpless.  It strengthens your survival instinct, instils fortitude and turns a crisis into an opportunity. Garnet dissolves ingrained behaviour patterns that are no longer serving you, assists you to release outdated ideas and plan for the future.

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Iridescent Rainbow Geothite

Geothite is powerfully attuned to the healing power of Nature and takes you to meet devas, the anima terra, and the soul of the earth. Aligning to the note of the earth, it enhances dowsing abilities, sensitises you to subtle energies and the currents within the earth and the human body and facilitates fine-tuning the energy. Meditating with Geothite creates a still, silent point of non-action and non-doing – you simple are. It opens a cosmic anchor, attaching you safely between the core of the earth and the galactic centre. This stone facilitates clairaudience and metaphysical abilities and is useful for any form of divination, revealing soul intention for the future in situations where knowing this is helpful for your journey.

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Goldstone is a shiny manmade glass created by adding copper or other salts to molten glass and is often sold as ‘the money stone’. It is valued for both its sparkling appearance and its transmutative qualities, it instils in the wearer a positive attitude and unshakeable self-confidence, supporting courage to try something new and enhancing energy levels. With the assistance of this sparkling stone, you experience the pleasure of being fully alive and inwardly wealthy.

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Aswan Pink Granite, Indian Granite, Ruby in Granite, Garnet in Granite, Texas Pink Granite

Granite is a strongly focused and grounded stone which helps ‘floaty’ people to earth themselves. High in Qi, Granite passes this life force into the body so, if you live in a Granite house or landscape, your energy field is stabilized and energized. In stone circles and other monuments, it earthed the power of the heavens. It emits powerful, measurable, paramagnetic frequencies, neutralizes the ill-effects of toxic earth energy lines and re-energizes the earth’s magnetic grid. It is an excellent gridding stone to create a safe, sacred space in which to practice magical and transformational rituals and, when struck, is a powerfully resonant lithophone for sound healing. Stabilizing the human energy field, Granite realigns the subtle bodies with the physical, activating electrical activity in cells and stimulating the immune response. It helps you see the whole picture before making up your mind and is useful for promoting diplomacy and tact and for maintaining balance in a relationship. However, if prone to depression its harshness may lead to lingering melancholy

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Graphic Smoky Quartz in Feldspar


Graphic Smoky Quartz in Feldspar (Zebradorite) is a combination stone that grounds and balances you in physical incarnation, purifies your energies and opens your metaphysical abilities. It instils infinite peace during physical or emotional trauma, making it helpful for overcoming tragedy. With a fizzy, invigorating effect on the body, it infuses dynamic energy and a feeling of well-being, and helps to overcome low self-esteem, inducing self-confidence and emotional stability.

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Green Andara Glass

Lilac or Lavender, Yellow-brown Shaman

Andara Glass is not a crystal in the true sense of the word and generates intense controversy and divided opinions as to its source and properties. These appear to depend on whether its energies resonate with you or not.  Myths around the glass link it to Atlantis and Lemuria. Some believe it to be the Philosopher’s stone, a master cure-all with the highest vibration of any crystal yet found, and powerful transformative qualities that stimulate channelling and access universal wisdom through connection with the highest levels of consciousness. To others it is scrap glass from a rubbish heap. These controversies make it a stone of paradox and contradictions and it can be used to explore, make up your own mind’ and to overcome doubts. It is an invaluable aid for assessing how you interact with a crystal rather than believing what you are told by an ‘expert’, reminding us that our own opinions and experiences are as valid as others. It facilitates a link to Archangel Michael, other archangels and ascended masters.

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Green Ridge Quartz

Amethyst Green Ridge, Clear Green Ridge, Iron-Coated Green Ridge, Iron-Golden Healer, Green Ridge Light-Golden Plate, Orange Green Ridge, Rainbow-coated Iridescent Green Ridge

Green Ridge Quartz is an exceptionally high vibration crystal that has powerful healing properties.  It makes an excellent healing grid and facilitates profound shamanic journeying. Green Ridge is found in Clear, Amethyst, Orange, Golden and Iron-coated forms, some with metals included. The different forms are a continuum of healing energy and should be used together, laid out along the chakras of the body, with Iron-coated Green Ridge at the base, Orange Green Ridge over the sacral, a Golden plate over the heart or throat, and Clear or Clear with Amethyst above the head at the Soul Star or Stellar Gateway. The combination disassembles everything that’s happened previously so that a new program can go in. Clear Green Ridge then clarifies and fine tunes. It opens the crown and higher crown chakras like a kaleidoscope to see what’s inside. It then anchors the energies into the here and now. The gunky brown iron-coated form is an excellent support during cancer treatment. The iron coating on Green Ridge gradually flakes off, taking toxic dross with it and leaving clear crystal vibrations to boost healing.

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