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The following Directory of Crystals has been created especially for my online members. It is designed as a quick guide to the essential crystals, those that we are most likely to use and come across. More details on these crystals, and details of those not included here, can be found in my Crystal Bibles 1, 2 and 3, 101 Power Crystals and many of my other books.

Included in the description of each crystal, are suitable methods of cleaning or purifying your crystals, and also how to recharge them. You can find details of each method on the Purifying Your Crystal page.

You can filter crystals alphabetically by simply selecting the letter.


Eclipse Stone

Eclipse Stone is a mysterious stone that appears to be a powerful combination of Orpiment in Black Agate or Jasper. It is excellent for the Crone, wise woman phase of life, helping to reclaim her power and place in society. In men who have had a mid-life crisis or been made redundant in later years, it stimulates a new start. Black Agate or Jasper is profoundly strengthening and Orpiment is a great support during times of change. A stone of wizardry and magic, it takes you deep into yourself to explore the sacred, set-aside and taboo areas of life and stimulates both inner sight and insight, leading the way to enlightenment. Stimulating intellectual abilities and enhancing clarity, this stone encourages analysis and logical thought and helps you to plan whilst remaining flexible. Eclipse Stone dissolves hatred, jealousy and resentment and fills your heart with joy and love. It rolls away whatever is hiding the truth and brings the shadow into the light. If one parent has been overly dominant Eclipse Stone mitigates the influence so that the subconscious effect of the eclipsed parent is understood.

Caution: This stone/crystal contains toxic material and is best used tumbled. Wash hands after use and make essence by the indirect method only.

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Eilat Stone

- see Tourmaline

Eilat Stone combines Malachite, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Azurite and other minerals and is known as the sage stone, offering wisdom and creative solutions for problem solving. It is an excellent healer on the physical level and an effective cleanser for the thymus. This stone is particularly helpful for healing emotional or sexual issues in current or previous lives. It flushes out hurt and loss, removes toxins and blockages, releases fear and depression, brings in creativity and emotional self-expression, facilitating speaking about and releasing the past hurts. Bringing acceptance and inner reconciliation, it integrates soul fragments and wipes the Akashic Record clean, reprogramming soul and cellular memory and reintegrating the Self.

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– see Quartz

Elestial Quartz works very effectively on a karmic level, helping you to understand your past life karma, facilitating powerful karmic release and core soul healing and setting you on your soul’s path. It can also take you deep into yourself to give an insight into the evolutionary processes at work. This extremely high vibration stone opens the higher chakras, bringing in divine energy to all the chakras and opening metaphysical gifts.

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Emerald, promotes unconditional love and joyful relationships and brings domestic bliss and loyalty It opens the heart chakra, calms emotions and enhances the ability to enjoy life to the full. A stone of inspiration and infinite patience, it brings mental clarity, helping you to focus your intention, strengthens memory and inspires a deep inner knowing and broader vision. Strengthening the ability to cope with change, it eliminates negativity and encourages taking positive action.

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Emerald Quartz

- see Quartz; Cherry and Emerald

These gentle varieties of pink (Cherry) and green (Emerald) Quartz work as a synergistic partnership to restore the rhythm of life, and reset the whole physiological and subtle energy systems, correcting any reversed polarity. Using one on the higher heart (thymus) chakra and the other over the heart, these two crystals act together on the heart, calming and regulating an erratic or pounding pulse or stimulating a sluggish one, making them natural pacemakers. At a subtle level the combination expands the energy of the heart chakra, creating a greater capacity for the giving and receiving of unconditional love. Emotionally, placing the crystals over the heart and then placing two more in the groin creases, or between the thumb and first finger of each hand, which is then placed in the groin crease, enables the releasing of old ties and resentment and encourages speaking about the hurts incurred. Once the release has taken place, the stones soothe the heart and stimulate forgiveness.

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Epidote is a powerful crystal that can highlight feelings and thought patterns that need to surface and be transformed, sometimes manifesting as an increase in negativity. It detoxes the subtle and physical bodies of negative energy, possibly initiating a once-and-for-all catharsis or abreaction, best undertaken with a qualified crystal therapist, which clears the emotional blueprint and cellular memory. Positively it offers the courage to enjoy life to the full and the ability to manifest dreams, strengthens your sense of identity and personal power, increases spiritual atunement and removes ingrained resistance to spiritual awakening. Epidote enhances perception and teaches how to set realistic goals, avoiding disappointments that arise when you plan from your emotions. This is the perfect stone for those who easily fall into victimhood or martyrdom, dispelling self-criticism and criticalness, helping you look objectively at your strengths and weaknesses and those of other people. It purifies the emotional body, relieving negative states such as stress, self-pity, anxiety, grief and old emotional trauma, and assists in staying centred no matter the situation you find yourself in.

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Ethiopia Opal

– see Opal

Ethiopian Opal is a beautiful and high vibration crystal that carries ancient wisdom and stimulates all the metaphysical gifts. Its energy can quickly dissipate and will need recharging regularly. Powerfully transformative, it burns off the karma of the past, helps you to face your deepest fears and opens the way to rebirth.  A joy-filled stone, of infinite expansion, Ethiopian Opal gives insight, stimulates your creativity and assists manifesting your highest will on earth. It carries positive personal and planetary dragon energy and is a vehicle for the fire and earth elementals.

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Eudialyte is a stone of purification and at-onement, healing the spirit, reconciling to the divinity in yourself and aligning you to your true purpose. It can give you insight into why you feel angry at God, facilitating journeying to past lives if necessary. This crystal is imbued with strong life-force connected to kundalini energy and can bring about a profound reorientation by opening the heart chakra, linking it to the base and earth chakras, and aligning chakra flow to connect spirit and mind with the emotional body.  Karmically, it teaches that you can grow spiritually through joy and fulfilment rather than suffering, embracing the fullness of all that life on earth has to offer. If you need a situation or relationship to end, Eudialyte assists in doing so with grace and peace rather than conflict; it shows how to rectify unfortunate choices and open to truth.

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Eye of the Storm (Judy’s Jasper)

Eye of the Storm acts quickly, bringing emotions to the surface. The name ‘Eye of the Storm’ was suggested because holding it is like being in the eye of a storm, everything is turbulent, swirling around you and yet you are in a calm, objective space beyond fear or panic. In this space solutions become apparent. You can be drawn up the funnel of the eye to take a higher, overall perspective but do not lose your connection with earth. Here issues are brought up for contemplation and action, giving you all the information you need to take a fully informed decision –both in the present moment and what will occur in the near future. It reminds you that the bigger picture is fluid and changing, depending on actions taken and decisions made. Its calming, grounding effect works well during upheavals as it relieves stress, switching off ingrained patterns and emotional responses such as fear, panic or the ‘fight or flight’ response, creating a calm, strong central core nothing can shake.

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