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Crystal JourneysTHE NEW FREE EBOOK FROM JUDY HALL in twelve monthly parts.

You will not find this book anywhere else! Each month and following the sun-signs for one year, Judy released a new FREE crystal journey. Starting with the Introduction and Journey through Aries, you have the complete zodiac and their journey crystals ending in Pisces.

“Journeying with crystals can bring about profound insights into the nature of your inner world and the environment you create around yourself as well as connecting more deeply to the energies of the stones. Crystal Journeys is based on the visualisations I have been using for the last thirty five years.
It takes a crystal for each sun-sign or month of the year as the starting point for a voyage of exploration into your self and into the qualities of twelve crystals that accompany you on that journey.”

Note – Please do not send the ebook to other people. If you would like others to know about this offer, then copy this link and mail it to them: