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Choosing your crystals

Choosing Your CrystalsTo get the most out of your crystals, you need to find those that are truly yours. Each person has a unique energy frequency and the secret to effective crystal working is to find the crystals that best respond to you.

The following text is taken from my book

Crystal Basics: How to Use Crystals and Their Energy to Enhance Your Life (Hay House Basics) which guides you through choosing, attuning to and using crystals.

Which is the crystal for you?

Everyone who is interested in crystals has had the experience of a crystal ‘winking’ at them. You go into a shop or trawl the internet and a crystal catches your eye. This is the one for you. It is not necessarily the biggest, prettiest or priciest. It may be a raw lump, tumbled or faceted. But it is the most potent for you personally.


So, go into a shop and see what calls to you. These eager beings have been longing to work with you. Now is the time. You can also use my Crystal Wisdom Oracle cards,

which allow you to feel the energies from a photograph, or the photographs in 101 Power Crystals, or look at the pictures on or and see which crystals call to you. You can dowse, or look at what you already have in your collection. But whatever you do, first open the chakras in your palms and set your root in place.


The palm chakras

There is one simple thing that enables the maximum contact with crystals, and that is opening the energy sensitive chakras in the centre of your palms. Although these chakras are little known, they are what make healing and feeling crystal energies so potent.

Exercise: Opening the palm chakras

  • Open and close your hands, forming fists, several times.Palm Chakra
  • Bring your hands together with straight fingers so that the palms touch.
  • Flex your fingers down and open your hands slightly, then bring them back together again.
  • Repeat several times. Your palms may start to tingle and it will
  • feel as though a ball of energy is building up between them. This indicates that your palm chakras are opening.
  • Always open these chakras before choosing or working with a crystal.

Growing your root

The second thing that makes working with crystal energies easier – and helps you to feel secure – is to open the Earth Star chakra, or energy centre, beneath your feet. This

chakra helps you to grow a ‘root’ that goes deep down into the Earth and grounds your energies. Earth energy travels up this root and healing energy goes down through

it, setting up a circuit that helps you channel subtle crystal energy into the physical dimension and makes your crystal work more power-full.


Exercise: Opening the Earth Star chakra

  • Stand for a few moments with your feet slightly apart, your knees relaxed and somewhat bent and your hands loosely clasped beneath your navel over your sacral chakra.
  • Picture a dinner-plate sized vortex of energy spinning beneath your feet.
  • Consciously make a connection through your hands, across to your hips, down each leg and out through your feet to the vortex below.
  • Picture the Earth Star vortex opening like a flower to receive the two strands of energy.
  • As you make the connection, bounce a little to strengthen it.
  • Visualize the energy cords twining together to make a root that goes deep down into the Earth and anchors itself to the huge iron crystal at the core. This cord is your shamanic anchor. It holds you lightly on the Earth.

Open the Earth Star chakra whenever you work with crystal energies.


What do you want your crystal to do?

One way to start out is to think about what you want your crystal to do for you. Do you want it to enhance your environment? Heal you? Show you the future? These are

some of the things you might want from your crystal:

  • ‘To help me to feel safe.’
  • ‘To make me feel good.’
  • ‘To protect me from electromagnetic emanations.’
  • ‘To protect me from geopathic stress.’
  • ‘To look pretty.’
  • ‘To decorate my room.’
  • ‘To make me and my space feel good.’
  • ‘To help me relax.’
  • ‘To switch off my mind.’
  • ‘To change how I think and feel.’
  • ‘To enable me to meditate more deeply.’
  • ‘To help me journey into other worlds or dimensions.’
  • ‘To connect to my guardian angels or crystal mentor.’
  • ‘To give me guidance.’
  • ‘To enable me to explore my options.’
  • ‘To help me make decisions.’
  • ‘To allow me to contemplate my future.’
  • ‘To help me connect to the mysterious power of crystals.’
  • ‘Show me how to talk to the crystal oversouls.’
  • ‘Allow me to discover more about the magical history of crystals.’

All of the above topics are covered in Crystal Basics but the steps to finding the right crystal for you are the same in every case.


Letting a crystal find you

Now you’ve identified what you want your crystal to do, try the following exercises to help you choose the right crystal.


Exercise: Exercising your intuition

  • Walk into a crystal shop and let yourself be pulled in a particular direction rather than thinking about where to go.
  • See which crystal catches your eye. You may need to take it home and purify it under running water, with Clear2Light or smudging before working with it (see below), as crystals pick up the energy of everyone who has handled them.
  • If you have a crystal collection already, you have exercised your intuition in picking them – or they have selected you. You can exercise your intuition further by choosing which crystal to work with now.
  • Simply look at your collection with softly focused eyes and see which crystal winks at you.
  • Alternatively, open your palm chakras and let your fingers intuitively pick a crystal up. Hold it gently to connect to its energies. (It may need purifying and activating)


Exercise: The power of touch

  • Open your palm chakras.
  • If you already have a selection of crystals, place them on a table. If you are in a shop, stand by the crystal display.
  • Close your eyes and, if working with your own crystals and they aren’t too delicate, gently move them around.
  • With your eyes still closed, move your hand over the crystals in a circular motion until one pulls your hand towards it or you feel a tingle in your palm. (If nothing happens, try your other hand or purify your crystals and then try again.)
  • If you’re in a shop and nothing immediately jumps out at you, open your palm chakras and run your fingers through the tubs of crystals. One will stick to your fingers or feel particularly good. This is your crystal.
  • If you find you can’t put a crystal down, that’s the one for you.
  • Keep a note of the crystals that choose you and your immediate insights into how they want to work with you. Other insights will develop later. Write those down too.


Exercise: Choosing in the comfort of your home

  • The internet is a great tool for crystal selection from the comfort of your home – once your sensitivity is turned on. Log on to, or to your favourite crystal site, preferably one that shows you several photographs of the same type of crystal.
  • Look at the screen with half-closed eyes and run through the pictures until one catches your eye.
  • Once a crystal has called to you, purchase it.


Exercise: Let your eyes do the choosing

  • If you have crystal books such as 101 Power Crystals or the Crystal Wisdom Oracle card pack, flick through the pictures or let the pages fall open at a particular entry or let a card call to you out of the pack. The illustrations in my 101 Power Crystals and Crystal Wisdom Oracle are particularly useful for this, as the remarkable photographs really capture the energy of the crystals, as do those posted on, which were taken by my daughter, Jeni Campbell, of crystals that have been specially attuned by me.
  • While your eyes are softly focused, ask the crystal to connect more strongly with you so that you sense its energy. Let it speak to you (Crystal Basics or The Crystal Experience will tell you more about how to do this).
  • When you have found your crystal, buy it!


Dowsing is an excellent way to choose crystals. There are two methods, one using a pendulum and the other using your fingers.

Exercise: Finding your pendulum

Pendulums are crafted from a variety of crystals or woods in different sizes and weights. Choose one that interacts well with your energy to make dowsing more productive. Good crystal shops never mind if you try out several before buying.

  • Put a variety of pendulums on the table in front of you.
  • Open your palm chakras.
  • Let your eyes go loosely out of focus and move from pendulum to pendulum.
  • When one particularly catches your eye, pick it up and hold it.
  • Sense how it feels in your hand. Take a moment to attune to it.
  • Try dowsing with it (see below).
  • You may like to compare and contrast several pendulums before making your final selection.

Using your pendulum

To use a pendulum you need to establish your ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’. Once you know your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ indications (see below), hold the pendulum over a crystal and ask, ‘Is this the right crystal for me?’ If the answer is a rather half-hearted ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’, ask, ‘Is there a better one?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, check out whether it’s another crystal of the same type or whether a different type would be better.

Exercise: Pendulum dowsing – establishing ‘yes’ and ‘no’

  • The easiest method is to hold the pendulum loosely with the chain wrapped around your fingers and anchored lightly with your thumb.
  • Leave about a hand’s breadth of chain hanging down. Experiment with what works best for you. Some people simply hold a pendulum between their thumb and forefinger.
  • Hold the pendulum over your knee and ask, ‘Is my name [give your real name]?’ The pendulum will move of its own volition, either circling or swinging from side to side. Note which way it circles or swings, as this is your ‘yes’ answer.
  • Then ask the same question but give a false name. This gives your ‘no’ answer – the pendulum will circle or swing in another direction.
  • If you mix your first name with a false surname, you will get a ‘don’t
  • know/maybe’ – which is often a kind of shimmy of the pendulum
  • without much movement.


Finger dowsing

Finger DowsingFinger dowsing is a quick and easy alternative to pendulum dowsing. It gives you an instant, strong ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

Exercise: Finger dowsing

  • To finger dowse, simply press the forefinger and thumb of one hand together in a loop.
  • Through the loop, link the forefinger and thumb of the other hand.
  • As you ask your question, pull gently. If the answer is ‘yes’, the loop will hold. If ‘no’, your hands will pull apart easily. [Check out your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with questions to which you know a clear answer as your response may be reversed.]


Before going any further, take note of one of the fundamental principles of crystal work: First cleanse your crystals:

This is a fundamental rule of working with crystals. No matter whether you’re working with a favourite crystal you’ve had for a long time or one you’ve just bought home from a shop, a crystal need cleansing before use. And it needs cleansing after use too. People say, ‘This crystal used to work, but now it’s stopped.’ When asked, ‘Have you cleaned it?’, they look perplexed. To keep a crystal working at optimum level, it needs regular cleansing and re-energizing. This is especially the case with Shungite, which needs very frequent cleansing, or crystal jewellery, which will be working for you whether you intend it to or not, so you may as well help it along. It will be collecting energies and will transmute them and pass on its properties to you as long as it’s kept clean. Also note that crystals that are on display need to be cleansed frequently.

Exercise: Cleansing a crystal

  • If your crystal is tumbled or robust, hold it under running water for a few minutes or carefully immerse it in a stream or the sea. Remember that salt water damages delicate crystals, especially those with many points on a bed or layers, so use it with care. Alternatively, use a drop of a proprietary crystal cleanser or spray your crystal with it. (To make a spray bottle, put 7 drops of the essence into pure spring water. You can add essential oils or vodka as a preservative, but the spray will keep for several days without. I recommend using Petaltone Clear2Light.)
  • If the crystal is delicate, layered or friable, place it in brown rice overnight or pass it through the light of a candle or the smoke from a smudge stick, or use a proprietary cleanser in a spray bottle.
  • Pop the crystal into sunlight or moonlight to recharge its batteries, or use a proprietary crystal recharger. One drop or a quick spray and it’s done.


Exercise: Feeling the difference

  • Hold an uncleansed crystal for a few moments and note what you feel. Pay attention to your whole body as well as your hands.
  • Then cleanse the crystal and hold it again and note the changes.

Asking a crystal to work with you

Crystals are very wise beings who see much further than we do, but if you don’t ask one to work with you, how does it know what you want it to do? Having said that, I try not to be too specific, as I feel it restricts the crystal if I only ask from my limited Earth perspective. So I ask for the crystal to work for my highest good and that of other

people, and to do what is appropriate for my personal and spiritual growth, and I add ‘this or something better’ or ‘as appropriate’ to requests. There are times when I feel stuck in a situation I’d much rather get out of, but if there’s something I need to learn from it, or a gift I need to gain, scrambling out too quickly may lose me that opportunity. Therefore, I would rather have a crystal support me as I go through the necessary challenge and out the other side.

Exercise: Programming and charging

  • Holding a crystal and focusing on it for a few moments charges it up, filling it with intention.
  • If you have a specific purpose in mind for your crystal, hold it between your hands.
  • Concentrate your thoughts on the crystal and ask it to cooperate with you to fulfil that purpose in the best way possible and to attune itself to your purpose.
  • Once you have stated your intention, let it go. To go on focusing on it is to force the energy, and that is counterproductive

How many crystals do I need?

Each crystal has its own unique vibration – its frequency or wavelength. These frequencies range from earthy to extremely high, and some crystals combine both, grounding the energies. A high-vibration crystal isn’t better than an earthy one, it’s simply different. Each type of crystal has a specific task to do. Finding the appropriate vibration for the work you need a crystal to do helps the crystal to work at optimum efficiency. So, a crystal toolkit of about seven or eight basic crystals with an additional few high-vibration ones will be just right. You might like to purchase my Crystal Healing Pack, which has crystals for each of the chakras, and add one or two high-vibration stones of your choice.

Enjoy your crystals!

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