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On picking up stones

11th January, 2015 Egyptian Winter Solstice trip

Everywhere!  Stones talk to me. They are sooo seductive. They don’t have to be bright and shiny to catch my eye. Some whisper quietly ‘come get me’, others bellow ‘look at me.’ I often have to close my ears. To discriminate. What quality is being offered? Will it help me journey, heal or raise my consciousness? Reconnect to a sacred space. Nubian temple stone. This latter quality is particularly relevant in Egypt. A land strewn with stars and stones....

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My Lady of the Flame

10th January, 2015 Egyptian Winter Solstice trip

Karnak Temple On my first visit to Karnak almost 30 years ago a temple guardian whispered urgently ‘Sekhmet. You want see Sekhmet?’ ‘Yes, yes.’ My heart sang. I had no idea what he was talking about, I was responding to an atavistic call I could not ignore. She’s been my guide and mentor ever since. When the door opened to reveal her eight foot tall figure lit by a shaft of sunlight, I wanted to fall full length before her. When the guardian touched my hand to her chakras and...

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No Going Back

9th January, 2015 Egyptian Winter Solstice trip

Philae Temple, Aswan You’ll have seen the amazing photo that Terrie Birch took of me at Philae Temple last year with healing rays coming down into the photograph I was carrying. On our current trip we wanted to show Margaret and Stephen, who were there in person this time, the magic spot. To recreate the experience. But! When we went into the Imhotep chapel, the face of Hathor wasn’t there. One of the most potent healing moments of my life had seemingly disappeared. I had to ask...

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The Book of Portals

8th January, 2015 Egyptian Winter Solstice trip

Valley of the Kings I invariably travel with John Anthony West’s Travellers Key to Ancient Egypt and I always find something new that resonates with my current cogitations. This time I was sitting in the Valley of the Kings thinking about the chakras and kundalini and idly flipping through the Key suddenly saw that, according to JAW, The Book of Gates could be translated as The Book of Portals. Light bulb moment! I’ve used the twelve gates of death and rebirth meditation that I derived...

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The Place of Truth

7th January, 2015 Egyptian Winter Solstice trip

Valley of the Kings El Qurn and the valley Lithograph by Ernst Weidenbach, 1845. The continual passage of winds laden with dust has scaled and worn away the face of the rocks, so as to leave only the denser veins of stone, and thus have reappeared strange architectural fantasies such as Matter, in the beginning, might have dimly conceived. Subsequently the sun of Egypt has lavished on the whole its ardent reddish patines. And now the mountains imitate in places great organ- pipes,...

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Rewinding the soul

6th January, 2015 Egyptian Winter Solstice trip

To me, the temples of Egypt are like chakras running along a watery spine. Carrying the true soul of the country. In The Inner Guide to Egypt, an essential companion on my journey, Alan Richardson and Billie Walker-John see them travelling from the root at Philae to the crown at the delta. I’ve always experienced them flowing in the other direction, with the delta as the root, Philae as the crown and Karnak at the heart. But I’m aware that each temple has its own chakra system...

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