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Golden Healer Quartz – Day 12

25th December, 2015 12 Crystals of Christmas 2015

This beautiful stone symbolises the restoration of hope and optimism. Golden healer quartz births the light of consciousness into the world. The stone teaches that enlightened awareness, bliss, nirvana (or whatever you wish to name it), is attainable. Carrying golden healer quartz is thought to increase concentrations of the universal life force (or qi), said to raise your vibration and send compassionate love into the world. It is a catalyst for profound spiritual...

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Moldavite – Day 11

24th December, 2015 12 Crystals of Christmas 2015

About 11 million years ago, moldavite burst onto earth with enormous force as a giant meteor metamorphosising the surrounding rock into a glass-like, non-crystalline substance, fusing the power of the sky with that of Mother Earth. It represents cosmic transformation that heralds a change in consciousness. This stone is prized as a bringer of cosmic wisdom that puts you in touch with higher guidance, star beings, ascended masters and cosmic messengers. Use it to connect to ancient...

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Amazonite – Day 10

23rd December, 2015 12 Crystals of Christmas 2015

To share the gift of friendship, give your companions an amazonite gem and arrange a regular time when you will think of each other. If you are going to be alone at Christmas, wear amazonite as it draws supportive soul friends to you. If you need courage to step forward in life – especially if you have been co-codependent and need to find your power, amazonite puts you in touch with your independence, without cutting you off from your sensitivity. AFFIRMATION: ‘I draw to myself...

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Malachite – Day 9

22nd December, 2015 12 Crystals of Christmas 2015

Malachite is a power stone for intense inner transformation and is perfect to use on the winter solstice (21st December). This stone is merciless in its exposure of the personality’s imperfections and the outgrown patterns, blockages and ties, that must be dissolved before you can move on. It can assist you in taking responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions – this makes it excellent for activating one’s true purpose. AFFIRMATION: ‘I am a being of power. I...

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Topaz – Day 8

21st December, 2015 12 Crystals of Christmas 2015

Topaz shines through the gloom of winter to remind us of the brightness to come. The vibrant energy of the gem stimulates joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It has traditionally been known as a stone of love and good fortune. Wear it for successful attainment of your goals. Topaz is extremely supportive for affirmations and visualisation. Just be careful what you wish for! AFFIRMATION: ‘Whatever I can see in my mind’s eye, whatever I can envisage, whatever I wish for,...

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Emerald – Day 7

20th December, 2015 12 Crystals of Christmas 2015

Emerald is a treasure of inspiration and infinite patience. Known as the ‘stone of successful love’, it can be used to establish domestic bliss and loyalty. It is the ideal choice for encouraging harmony during the festive season, as it enhances unity, unconditional love and partnership – wear it if your in-laws or relatives are coming to stay. This stone also reminds you that this is the season of goodwill to all. AFFIRMATION: ‘I am calm and centred in my environment. I am...

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