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Are you looking for a soulmate and expect to be blissfully happy when you find one? Have you found a soulmate only to be disappointed? Have you met several soulmates? Do you want to know why?

Soulmates are both a powerful fact and one of the biggest illusions of all time. This book explains why we so desperately seek a soulmate, and why few people find it the blissful experience they expect. It will show you why it might perhaps be better to avoid a soulmate altogether for the time being, and how to take back your heart if you have left it in the keeping of a false soulmate.

It will also help you to have a realistic enough picture of what a ‘soul mate’ could be to attract a true companion of the heart – a twinflame. And, on the other hand, it can help you to understand why your soulmate may also be an invaluable tool in your karmic learning and why there is no such thing as a wrong relationship or a mistaken connection because there is always a gift in the experience.

As Judy explains, your soulmate is rarely a person new to you, you have almost always met before in some other existence either in a former life on earth or another dimension and there will be unfinished business between you. Soulmates can be wonderful and terrible all at the same time and having your soul polished does have its positive side, but there are times when recognising that the contract has passed its sell by date allows you to move on.

This new book draws on Judy ’s thirty five years as a karmic counsellor examining karmic relationships in general and soulmates in particular. It explains why meeting a soulmate can be a soul-scouring experience and what the karmic lessons and conundrums may be. Offering exercises and visualisations to heal the past, it then introduces the revolutionary new concept of twinflames: soulmates without the karma.

“It is time people grew up in so many ways … … Yearning for a soulmate is a soppy as thinking when your knight on a white horse arrives he won’t get a parking ticket just like everyone else. Shame most of them turn out to be more Coffeemate than Soulmate isn’t it? I like the maturity that is promised by the Soulmate Myth.”

A twinflame is what most people mean by a soulmate but a twinflame arrives without baggage or karma. A true companion of the heart.

Judy Hall, Author
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