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At last. A book that has been eons in the making distils Judy Hall’s 45 years experience as a professional psychic into a hands-on practical guide to developing your psychic abilities. Have you ever wanted to be psychic? To widen your perceptions, hone your inner guidance and be in touch with unseen worlds? Well now you can.

Judy Hall’s Book of Psychic Development will help you to:
• Establish whether your psychic abilities work through sensing, seeing or touching
• Discover the appropriate tools for honing your psychic perception
• Establish contact with your guides and helpers
• Read the Akashic Record
• Strengthen your bodily awareness
• Interpret signs and signals in the everyday world
• Safely journey out of your body and visit other dimensions
• Move lost souls to a safe haven
• Know what to do if things go wrong

Judy Hall is a best selling author with over 45 years experience both practising and teaching as a psychic. Her previous books include Patterns of the Past, Karmic Connections (The Wessex Astrologer) and Good Vibrations, The Soulmate Myth and The Book of Why (Flying Horse). She is also the author of the popular Crystal Bible Series.

Remember that to be psychic you don’t need to do anything, no striving is required. You simply have to relax and allow a natural function to flow more fully in your life. That, and your common sense, is all you need.

Judy Hall, Author
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