Haunted by dreams of a terrible lioness drinking from a lake of blood, Megan McKennar is driven by forces she cannot understand to take a trip to Egypt in a quest to understand the cause of her unhappy current life circumstances.

Once there, she swoons into a previous existence in Pharaonic Egypt. The spontaneously awakened memories, a powerful metaphor for her present condition, show her to have been Meck’an’ar, priestess of the Goddess Sekhmet, the fearful lion headed deity who was simultaneously the Goddess of Terror, Magic and Healing.

Coming face to face in the British Museum with Ramon Lavaries, who had been her lover the Pharaoh in that life, they instantly fall in love and commence a passionate affair. Seeking answers, Megan consults a past-life therapist, Ronald Rollingston who regresses her to another life in ancient Egypt.

Megan’s search for meaning takes her back to Egypt and the secrets of her past.


Chapter 3. Lady of Enchantments

Hands reached out to lift the heavy leonine mask from my shaven head. At my feet, a bloodied pool spilled from the golden goblet I’d let fall.
The luminescent eyes of Suten held me.
“It was well done. Stand fast.”
I could not take my eyes from him. Here was the Lord of my Heart. My Beloved. He turned to present me to the crowd.
“It is finished. The Lady Mek’an’ar did well for us. Khemet’s fertility is assured. Sa Sekhem Sahu.”
Prostrate forms spread among the tall columns, tailing back into the murky gloom, shaven skulls gleaming. Priests and priestesses bent low in reverence. What lay beyond those shadows? The presence of the gods grew strong.
Priests, priestesses and gods alike had come to see me, Mek’an’ar, Beloved of Sekhmet, High Priestess of the Temple of Mut at Thebes enter into the goddess and embody her form. They partook of the sacred drama that I am.
A trumpet sounded. Heads rose. A great shout went up.
“The goddess is risen. All honour to Sekhmet. Sa Sekhem Sahu.”
Together we rose and mounted the steps to the roof of the temple. Here the sacred instruments were offered to the rising Sun. Statues uncovered to receive its blessed rays. Ra, potent and rejuvenated, young once more, poured his life-giving energy onto the waiting world. It was the birth of the New Year. His temple was reborn.
Quickly servants brought food and drink to assuage the long fast. Gallons of beer to honour our lady. Sweet dates and honey cakes to entice our palates. Spiced pigeons and macerated duck to lend us strength. An abundance of vegetables donated their life to invigorate ours. All day the celebrations continued. Statues and instruments were returned to their places, offerings made. Having satisfied the Gods, mortals may turn to their own pleasures. Feasts were laid out in the temple, singing and dancing wove their hypnotic spell. Lamps were lit. The great doors thrown open. The crowd spilled over into the courtyards. Soon, couples made their way into the forgiving dusk. On this day, priest and priestess united on neutral ground, honouring the Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time.
Light-headed still from the narcotic cup the priests had handed me hours before, I looked around. My Lord was still at my side. Silently he commanded:
He led me over the quiet ways to the hidden temple. Food was laid out in the ante-chamber before Ptah. Offering it up, we ate and drank our fill.
Carrying a feast for our Lady we passed into her hallowed presence. A bed fit for Suten and his consort had been prepared before her and she would watch over the rites that night.
Her black basalt figure shone softly in the lamplight. Taller than my Lord, she looked on us with pride. Reverently the scared herbs were strewn, the oils anointed, food placed in her mouth, a libation of beer poured. The honour of the goddess was satisfied.
In the silence, my Lord took my hand and touched it once to the top of her head. Then to mine own head. My soul took flight and made a bridge to the higher realms. Then to the forehead, lighting up my inner vision. To the heart, uniting all three in the eternal love. To the solar plexus, taking us beyond human emotion. And to the point below the navel where creation begins. Finally, we came to the base from which all things grow. As he touched my kat, the kundalini rose, her sacred power flowed into me. I reached out for him.

The great round begins again.

This time, though, it will be different.

This time, I know, love will find the way.

Judy Hall, Author
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