Our planet is at a point of great change, so how can we help? In this easy-to-follow guide, Judy Hall explains how to use crystals – the tools given to us by the Earth herself – to heal the planet and reharmonize our personal surroundings. At the heart of the book are special crystal layouts whose design reflects the structure of the different earth-healing crystals, including Flint, Menalite and many quartzes.

Before exploring Earth-healing, the book explains how to use techniques such as chakracleansing to clear your personal energy field and reharmonize your immediate environment. Healing can be transmitted to the wider world
through the use of an Earth mandala, a map or a sacred site – such places are linked to a global grid of chakra lines along which energy passes. There is a range of crystal layouts for purposes such as healing, rebalancing and bringing more love to the world, as well layouts that deal with specific issues, from contaminated water to earthquakes. A useful directory describes the health-giving properties of each of the 30 crystals featured in the book. You don’t
need to own all these crystals to start Earthhealing: the book’s photographs themselves capture the beneficial energies of the crystals.

If the beating of one butterfly’s wings can cause a storm many miles away, just think how a million crystal butterflies working in unison could transform our world!

To heal the Earth, we first have to heal ourselves.

Judy Hall, Author
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