This pack includes everything you need to use crystals as a practical means of self-healing and a key to opening your higher awareness. The pack includes a paperback book and 12 specially selected crystals that can be used singly or in combination to relieve stress, promote relaxation, balance the emotions, clear negative energies in your environment, and heal and invigorate your body, mind, and spirit.

The crystals are attuned to the chakric system, the body’s energy centers, including the new ‘higher’ chakras. You will use these stones for cleansing, energizing, and activating the chakras.

The crystals are ‘master healer’ stones you will use to heal and strengthen:

  • your body and immune system
  • your chakras
  • your mind and energy system
  • your spirit and consciousness
  • your emotions
  • your environment, outer and inner

The paperback book includes complete instructions for using crystals as healing aids and a comprehensive directory covering the properties of the crystals in the pack and their specific uses. The book is illustrated with charts, diagrams, and grids, as well as colour photos of the crystals.

When you are attracted to a particular crystal, it will be because that crystal has properties which resonate with what your body or psyche needs.

Judy Hall, Author
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