Crystals: How to use Crystals and their Energy to Enhance Your Life is an illuminating guide to working with crystals that will show you how to sense the energy of these precious stones and choose the right ones to support you in different areas of your life – from health and abundance to relationships and career. Learn about the different techniques and exercises that you can use to connect with their powerful energy and discover:

  • how to cleanse, charge and attune your crystals
  • how crystals work
  • how to work with the aura and the chakra system
  • crystal healing
  • working with crystals for meditation and expanded awareness
  • using crystals for self-protection and energy enhancement
  • how to connect with the crystal skulls and the crystal oversouls
  • …and much more!

This book takes you through everything you need to know about these beautiful gems and the immense benefits they can bring to your life.
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Crystals are a sensual and intuitive experience rather than an intellectual pursuit. They have a unique ability to absorb and transmute negativity into beneficence - and to interact with us energetically. Their ability to harness the power of our mind is truly incredible – they amp up the energy, boosting whatever we do. And it’s through handling them that we really connect to their magic.

Judy Hall, Author
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