In this important book Judy Hall challenges concepts that most of us take for granted, which perhaps we never thought through properly but which are actually central to our sense of placement in our own lives. What we ‘under-stand’ literally ‘stands-under’ us, providing the psychological and metaphysical foundation for what we think is real, which in turn conditions our method of dealing with our own experience, or how we move through time.
“Patterns of the Past is full of interesting anecdotes and is rich in case material: it is scholarly, readable, challenging, and above all, immensely practical. The beginner and the seasoned astrologer alike will find in its pages many ideas and references which will help awaken new understanding of the individual horoscope, and also a deeper awareness of the matrix within which it is set The world view within which our study of astrology is placed will yield perceptions accordingly. We can be divided from ourselves through the fear, blame and judgement engendered by a narrow reductive view, or we can embrace a more fluid healing perspective, which opens the possibility of Grace, choice and participation.” (Melanie Reinhart July 200)

The actual working of karma and reincarnation is neither linear nor chronological. A pattern healed in a ‘past’ life can improve the ‘present’. Equally, a step forward in the ‘present’ can act retrospectively on the past.

Judy Hall, Author
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