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Rethinking crystals and archangels

20th September, 2018 Members Community

The theme of this blog, and some of the content, goes back awhile now, but it’s become relevant again so I thought it worth sharing with the community once more. It also demonstrates how experiences are reworked, recycled and carried forward. Photo: c. KSC Crystals This is what I wrote awhile ago now. In the light of a dream I’ve recently had, I wanted to reassess my position with regard to Archangels. I’d been put off working with them by a rather unpleasant experience. But it...

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Sojourn with a Centaur – Revisited

10th September, 2018 Miscellaneous

Another long blog for you to savour at your leisure as I’ll be travelling again with little time to write, although I did jot down the first part of this while in Greece teaching The Crystal Zodiac. I’d like to invite you to take the Chiron journey with me. You need to know nothing about astrology or crystals. Only to be receptive to healing your karmic wounds with an open heart (see below). The course in Greece was based on my book of the same name, using the visual astrology of The...

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We are crystal – Revisited

10th August, 2018 Miscellaneous

Musing when sitting on a crystal mountain has resulted in a blog that is the start of an exploration, not the end. There will be more about that trip in future blogs but here’s what it stimulated for now. I’ve pretty much typed it up as I’d scribbled it down in my notebook so get out of your logical head (if you have one) and give yourself over to the crystal flow: I deliberately chose a photograph with ‘shutterstock’ imprinted into it to start this blog as it tied so closely...

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Trigonic Quartz: Latest Update

20th July, 2018 Members Community

On my last Trigonic report I said that I’d noticed that the Trigonic markings were disappearing from Trigonic crystals and many of the stellar beings that inhabited them had returned home to their celestial home. Well, I’m glad to report that there now seems to be a influx of these soul-journey messengers returning to earth.   When I was in St Marie, I spotted some amazing small Trigonics for sale by the original supplier that had star markings, keys and portals on them...

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Shamanic Romania 2: Trovanti, ‘the growing stones’

20th July, 2018 Members Community

All images c. Judy Hall I invite you to join me on a journey up an ancient valley to meet some remarkable stones. I’d heard so much about these huge beings that are reputed to still be growing - and which allegedly move around of their own accord. It was a steep climb as most are on top of the hill (mountain?) above the valley. But so worth the journey up the too-many-to-count steps cut into the wooded hillside. There is no glimpse from below. Until you emerge, you have no idea what you...

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Combating the electricity demons – Revisted

10th July, 2018 Miscellaneous

The electricity demon or should that be daemon? Everything can be turned around and become a stimulation for healing and re-creation. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been electro-sensitive and have found it difficult to live fully in my body especially when around computers. I’ve felt spacy, ill at ease, and generally out of sorts. I’ve had to work hard at grounding myself (see the exercise below) and usually have an anchoring stone somewhere about my person as well as...

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