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Sky Dancing: The sacred geometry of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus

25th September, 2018 Uncategorized

Image:       I almost leapt out of my chair while I was watching BBC2’s Horizon programme on Jupiter. The eminent scientist, who was explaining some of the images captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft, showed a natural pentagram formed by storms on the surface. A configuration which was, he said, ‘stable and enduring.’ The Juno probe, as befitted an instrument named as a wife who parted the clouds with which the head god...

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Rethinking crystals and archangels

20th September, 2018 Members Community

The theme of this blog, and some of the content, goes back awhile now, but it’s become relevant again so I thought it worth sharing with the community once more. It also demonstrates how experiences are reworked, recycled and carried forward. Photo: c. KSC Crystals This is what I wrote awhile ago now. In the light of a dream I’ve recently had, I wanted to reassess my position with regard to Archangels. I’d been put off working with them by a rather unpleasant experience. But it...

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Sojourn with a Centaur – Revisited

10th September, 2018 Miscellaneous

Another long blog for you to savour at your leisure as I’ll be travelling again with little time to write, although I did jot down the first part of this while in Greece teaching The Crystal Zodiac. I’d like to invite you to take the Chiron journey with me. You need to know nothing about astrology or crystals. Only to be receptive to healing your karmic wounds with an open heart (see below). The course in Greece was based on my book of the same name, using the visual astrology of The...

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The Circles Of Your Mind

20th September, 2017 Members Community

I’ve been writing on the Flower of Life and how it is the foundation on which all is built, and it reminded me of this song from my youth. Listen while you read:  Perhaps not the best known version, it was covered by more famous artists, but Noel Harrison sang the original. Flower of Life at the Osiridion. Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel Never ending or beginning on an ever-spinning reel Like a snowball...

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Australia Rocks

20th September, 2017 Miscellaneous Right from our early beginnings we were taught of the sanctity of the total life around us... The Aboriginal way is that everything is created equal and sacred: that the soil, the clay, the rocks are all sacred; and that all have a personality. I had the strength of knowing that my creator is not above me somewhere, but is always with me; that, whatever the substance around me, that creation flows...

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Lost on a painted sky

6th September, 2017 Miscellaneous

Where the clouds are hung for the poet’s eye                            Be, Neil Diamond I glanced out of the window and caught a glimpse of one of the most stunning sunsets ever. Now, I live at the bottom of a valley, surrounded by trees. So I rushed upstairs to my study to try to get some shots. Which I managed, but they were limited. Not the wide open view of the stunning sky I could imagine behind the trees. An hour later the sky is still changing...

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