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Finding crystal properties

28th May, 2018 Miscellaneous

It’s easy to see why Chinese Writing Stone was so-named, but it took longer to verify that it did indeed assist with creative writing. Image c. Judy Hall Crystals constantly delight and surprise me. A question I’m often asked is ‘how do you find the properties of new stones?’ My usual answer is that they find me. Crystals tend to arrive with serendipitous synchronicity. They match what I or those around me are experiencing – and heal it. So, Eye of the Storm arrived in the...

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Atlas Mountain Tear (Blue Obsidian) Report Part 2: The continuing story

20th May, 2018 Members Community

Atlas Mountain Tear on Mike Eastwood’s Obsidian oversoul card Part One of the report on the Atlas Mountain Tear was the longest crystal assessment I have ever undertaken and it was left totally unresolved in my mind. I knew there would be more to come, but hadn’t anticipated that the two people assisting in the assessment would also have a great deal to say about their experience with the crystal – in addition to my crystal community. I had posted a picture of an Atlas Mountain Tear...

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Naming stones

4th May, 2018 Miscellaneous

As blogs tend to get lost in the mists of time and Judy feels some older blogs still have particularly relevant and valuable information for you within them, we are ‘recycling them’ to make accessing them easier for new readers. However, you can read all Judy’s previous blogs here or on the member’s community website:  Members Community Blog Temple Calcite, so named by the lovely Mark co-owner of Elestials, Glastonbury, ‘as it reminded me of a temple.’ Image. c. Judy...

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Only in Ireland

31st May, 2017 Uncategorized

“The Irish: be they kings, or poets, or farmers, they’re a people of great worth. They keep company with the angels and bring a bit of heaven here to earth.” New Grange Central Chamber Approaching Belfast City airport is perhaps the only place on Earth where I’ve found myself circling ten times while ‘a fire-truck deals with an incident on the ground’. Serves me right for flying with a Pyrite Dragon who was determined to enjoy the flight before being marooned on the ground...

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Lighten our Darkness Grounding planetary ascension 2

20th May, 2017 Members Community

Seeking the Earth’s Gaia Gateway chakra ‘On this workshop you will have the opportunity to align yourself with the spiritual magic of Mother Earth (Gaia, Terra, Mother Earth, Mother Nature). The Mother Goddess was at first worshipped and venerated by our ancestors but, as the time passed, became feared, ridiculed and abandoned; her followers were persecuted. The 2012 energy shift re-awoke the connection between humanity and Gaia, the spiritual being inhabiting our planet. The link is...

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Belfast Dragons

10th May, 2017 Miscellaneous

  “The only journey is the one within.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke I’m going to be working on the other side of the Peace Gate when I go to Belfast in May. It will be interesting to take the view from the far side of the wall. Maybe they’ll even open the Gate on Sunday. We’re opening our inner dragons. Gillian McBriar, who’s organising the workshop, had a call from a lady who was drawn to the workshop but was rather sacred of the idea of speaking to her inner dragons....

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