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Thelma and Louise go to Avebury

23rd March, 2016 Miscellaneous CLICK HERE AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ THIS BLOG Avebury has long been one of my favourite sacred sites and I was sad not to have been able to include it in Crystals and Sacred Sites. It’s not that far from me so I was delighted when Sarah Lownds from Sarpenela Natural Therapies suggested we go there for one of our ‘play days’. We’d decided we weren’t getting enough relaxation time so have scheduled in some rejuvenating trips....

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Be a thriver not a survivor: Crystals to heal trauma and create inner peace

9th March, 2016 Miscellaneous

“We aren't the weeds in the crack of life. We're the strong, amazing flowers that found a way to grow in the most challenging conditions ~” ― Jeanne McElvaney, Spirit Unbroken: Abby's Story Having been asked to create a resource guide of crystals to heal emotional and psychological trauma, especially PTSD, I turned first to the crystals I use every day to deal with minor and not so minor traumas. I’ve had more than a few challenges myself during my three score years and ten so...

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On being me

26th March, 2015 Miscellaneous

‘Celebrating our uniqueness and being authentic from a calm centred place, can be liberating and empowering, but with a hands-on-hips, this is me, take it or leave it challenge, it can tip over into provocation.’ When Terrie Birch included the above advice in the March newsletter astrology forecast it gave me an insight into what might be happening in a certain situation. That’s the great thing about astrology. It helps us to handle tricky situations by pointing out things we might...

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A world eclipsed

20th March, 2015 Miscellaneous Did they know? The birds? Did they know that it was time for the world to die? For the sun to go out? The pigeons that usually tap dance me awake were sluggish this morning. No cooing me out of sleep. No dawn chorus either. The parliament of rooks that usually cartwheel raucously over the house stayed huddled in their treetop nests. The robin remained hidden in the apple tree. There’s no sign of blossom yet. It’s grey and dank. So, out of bed and off to Knowlton...

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Enjoying non-ordinary realities

18th March, 2015 Miscellaneous

Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live. Albert Einstein Whosoever has never arrived at pondering on these four things: What is above? What is below? What was before the world? What will be after it? It would be better that he had never been born. Babylonian Talmud, Haguigah, ll6 Finally! Something I’ve been experiencing all my life and have written about for 45 years has become acceptable to the academic world....

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Walking on the wild side

10th March, 2015 Miscellaneous

Photo copyright Terrie Birch/astrologywise Stones have been known to move and trees to speak Augers and understood relations have By maggot-pies and coughs and rooks brought forth Shakespeare: Macbeth One of my favourite oracles of all time is ‘audible oracles of the belly’ – that one’s from Mesopotamia about six thousand years ago. Sadly that key is lost but it would be so useful in workshops today. There’s often a chorus of rumbles and grumbles when we start...

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