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We did not come to remain whole

20th March, 2018 Miscellaneous

We did not come to remain whole. We came to lose our leaves like the trees, The trees that are broken And start again, drawing up on great roots A Home in Dark Grass, Robert Bly Rebirthed from midwinter I’ve waited to post this blog until the light has begun to return to the northern hemisphere once more. The spring equinox is a point of balance when light and dark have equal weight. It is a fitting date to publish it. But the blog was actually created in the misty depths of...

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Do I really need to be an Arhat?

20th March, 2018 Members Community

c. Judy Hall For several years now I’ve been trying to persuade one of our members to use his intuition to find the right crystals for him. But he’s stubbornly refused to consider it. As you can see from his question below, he doesn’t believe he can do it, so of course he not only finds it impossible to do, he’s blocking himself so much that he won’t even give it a try. He’s totally immersed in the negative belief in his head. Here’s one of his latest crystal questions and my...

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The Ancestralite Report

6th March, 2018 Miscellaneous

We all grow up with the weight of history on us. Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies. ~Shirley Abbott Ancestralite, c. Judy Hall Ever since I was introduced to Ancestralite in Belfast by Stone Age Ireland, it’s been used in Ancestral healing grids as that was the first property to be recognised in the stone. After we’d been working with Ancestralite for awhile I was offered some Ancestralite...

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Grape Chalcedony (Grape Agate)

29th March, 2017 Miscellaneous

The Wonderland Stone By Judy Hall Grape Chalcedony c. Judy Hall It seems that whenever challenges arise in the outside world, the crystal kingdom sends a new tool to assist the inner world cope. On the day of the terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, a large box arrived on my doorstep. It was the Grape Chalcedony (otherwise known as Grape Agate) I had ordered for my crystal group to assess. I’d been drawn to a picture of it on the wholesaler’s...

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Light bearing. Getting the message across

24th March, 2017 Miscellaneous

Julie, my lovely Facebook manager, sent me the draft of the newsletter announcing that the members’ community on my website was now open. The first 100 subscribers were to receive the free gift of a Lumi crystal. I noticed that the number 7 had crept in after the line ‘The Lumi are small but exceedingly potent. Be one of the first people to become a caretaker of these amazing beings.  Even after I pointed it out to her, and she thought she’d deleted it, the 7 remained. The penny dropped,...

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Bursting forth at the Spring Equinox

18th March, 2017 Miscellaneous

‘The Ancient Mysteries call forth a return to Nature’s rhythms on an intuitive level. Spirit and Nature in Harmony! The earth seasons are designed to promote specific evolutionary needs. The autumn is the seed planting time; the winter is the gestation of the seed and the taking root. The spring is the bursting forth of those new seeds to release new aspiring life to be harvested in the summer. These are always reflected in the hidden mysteries of Nature. The spring equinox opens the veil...

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