December 2017: Sunstone


Image c. Michael Illas/Crystal Companion


Sunstone is excellent for overcoming S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It revitalizes the body and lifts dark moods. If you have lost your enthusiasm for life, Sunstone remotivates, facilitating self-empowerment and instilling awareness of your own value. It dissolves codependency, and supports independence. This highly energetic stone overcomes procrastination, giving the impetuous to move forward. It detaches from feelings of being sabotaged or discriminated against, encouraging optimism and enthusiasm. The crystal acts as a spiritual compass and heightens intuition. Removing hooks located in the chakras or energy bodies, it is extremely beneficial for tie-cutting with energy vampires or previous partners. [Extract from The Crystal Companion]

The S.A.D. layout

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November 2017: Prairie Tanzanite

Purple Prairie Tanzanite c. Judy Hall

Purple Prairie Tanzanite c. Judy Hall

Pink Prairie Tanzanite c. Judy Hall

Pink Prairie Tanzanite
c. Judy Hall

A new find from the Jade Fields of Wyoming, Prairie Tanzanite is a Zoisite that ranges from pink to purple. A peace-inducing combination of Tanzanite and White Jade, it creates a grounded spirituality. My crystal group dubbed it ‘the Lullaby stone’ because it instantly sent them into a deeply relaxed state before taking them into a higher state of consciousness. I’ve never known the room to be so still during a crystal evaluation. Usually everyone talks at once in their excitement at sharing the same perceptions. This time it was much more laid back.  I’d already discovered it to be a profoundly calming and centering stone that kept my blood pressure down during a period of extreme frustration and which eventually brought the project through to a successful completion. The grid grew with each passing day and worked best when centred around one of the pinker stones. It was located on my dining room table so was directly under my bed and it helped me to put aside my concerns and sleep at night. During the evaluation, several people commented on the effect the stone was having on their teeth and on the causal chakra. Given how peaceful it made us feel, we all felt that it would be helpful for ADHD, kids who were not sleeping, and PTSD.

We also noticed a powerful connection with green nature spirits and elementals, or perhaps more accurately sprites. And the purple connected to the cosmic devas and cosmic dust coming to earth.

Further details can be found on my crystal community crystal pages.


October 2017: Yowah Nut: The Polarity Balancer

Yowah Nut: The Polarity Balancer will be the recommended crystal for October on the main website. This is your opportunity to obtain yours first.

Yowah Nut c. Judy Hall

A fairly-new-to-the-market stone that is perfect for Libra and everyone else who needs to find balance in their lives, Yohwah Nut is a beautiful Opal concretion found only in Queensland, Australia. Sometimes with brightly coloured opalescent windows, at other times a more grounded and resolute brown with fiery veins. Both are extremely potent. When I unpacked them, I discovered just how good they are at instantly raising kundalini. Here’s what I’ve just written about it for The Crystal Companion (which has a severely restricted word count so you’re touching the pure essence of the stone here):

A combination of strong, protective Ironstone and delicate, cherishing Opal, a Yowah Nut balances polarities. It holds dualities such as mother and father, male and female, positive and negative, yin and yang in equilibrium giving each the appropriate amount of power and influence. It is helpful for balancing the inner parental voices with the inner child’s need. The Nut has a powerful connection to Mother Earth and her nurturing powers, reminding us that we are all her children. Used for shamanic journeying, it takes you safely into the lower shamanic world for soul retrieval and integration work. On the dantien, it raises kundalini.

September 2017: Shungite

Pyramids and tumblestone. Shungite images c.

Shungite is the perfect crystal for September. This is health-conscious Virgo’s month. Virgo knows the value of purity and discernment and Shungite is the number one crystal for detoxifying and protecting against pollutants of all kinds. Research has shown it to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral with a host of other health benefits. It is first and foremost the best crystal for protecting those who are electro-sensitive from the detrimental effects of electromagnetic fields. Grid it around your house and any electrical equipment, wear it, make Shungite water with it and drink it regularly. Stick it to your phone or on your smart meter. Above all, remember to cleanse it frequently as it is the most effective soaker-upper of negative energy that there is.

Shungite water system.

My Shungite water system. Works for me!

P.S. Personally I’ve drunk Shungite Water made from raw Shungite in a filter jug for years with very beneficial effects on my well-being (you’ll find details of how to make it in my books and in the crystal community on my website). I also put Elite Shungite in my water bottle to keep the water fresh. But if you prefer, you can make the water by the indirect method using Elite Shungite.

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August 2017: Tanzurine: Cherry Quartz and Emerald Quartz

This beautiful combination is now being sold as a pair under the name Tanzurine. It is perfect for August which is the heart-centred Leo month. Leos are here to learn about the power of keeping the heart centre open no matter what. Not in a pouring it all out indiscriminately way, but as a gentle expansive energy that brings the three-chambered heart chakra into balance (see Crystal Prescriptions 4 for more details on this high vibration chakra that brings together the heart, higher heart and heart seed chakras). Here’s what I wrote to a strict word count, very compressed and concise. (There’s more info below.)

The Heart-opener

These two colours complement each other. The soft energy is excellent for harmonising the heart and immune system. In synergistic partnership, Tanzurine restores the rhythm of life, resetting the physiological and subtle energy systems. If polarity has been reversed, the pair restore normality. They act on the electrical system of the heart, regulating it. A natural pacemaker, Tanzurine calms an over-active heartbeat and stimulates a sluggish one. The combination expands the heart chakra, creating a greater capacity for giving and receiving unconditional love. Tanzurine releases old ties and resentment and encourages speaking about the hurts incurred. Once release has taken place, the stones stimulate forgiveness.

Cherry Quartz

Cherry Quartz

Emerald Quartz

Emerald Quartz

Source: Tanzania

Appearance: Combination of clear Quartz with flecks of colour throughout or clear coloured Quartz.

Colour: Cherry Quartz: purplish-red. Emerald Quartz: emerald green

Composition: Cherry Quartz: Lepidolite (Lithium) mica in Quartz

Emerald Quartz: Fuchsite mica in Quartz

Qualities: Emerald Quartz is an opener, Cherry Quartz a charger. Together in synergistic partnership, these gentle stones restore the rhythm of life. Resetting the whole physiological and subtle energy systems. If a polarity has been reversed, the crystals restore the correct polarity. These two crystals acting together form a natural pacemaker for the heart creating an infinity loop over it. They calm a pounding heart and regulate an erratic pulse or stimulate a sluggish heartbeat. Place one above the heart on the higher heart (thymus) chakra and one over the heart seed at the base of the breastbone. The heartbeat quickly indicates which needs to go above and which below. Together they act on the electrical system of the heart, regulating it.

At a subtle level the combination expands the energy of the heart chakra, creating a greater capacity for the giving and receiving of unconditional love.

Cherry Quartz placed over the thymus stimulates deep breathing with more air being taken in, resulting in reoxygenation of the whole body.

The combination also stimulates (Cherry) or soothes (Emerald) the autoimmune system returning it to balance when over- or under-active.

Placing the crystals on the heart seed and higher heart chakras releases spinal tension and contraction, extending the spine. A noticeable reduction in arthritic pain is quickly produced.

Emotionally, placing the crystals over the heart and then placing two more in the groin creases, or between the thumb and first finger of each hand, which is then placed in the groin crease, enables the releasing of old ties and resentment and encourages speaking about the hurts incurred. Once the release has taken place, the stones soothe the heart and stimulate forgiveness.

Using the crystals before bed ensures an excellent night’s sleep and is particularly useful in cases of prolonged insomnia.

Healing: heart and circulation, thymus, autoimmune and respiratory systems, spinal contraction, insomnia, arthritis, spine, sleep patterns

My thanks to Gillian McBriar and Terrie Celest for assisting with the research.

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July 2017: Matriarchal Smokies

Cancer is the zodiac sign most concerned with mothering and nurturing and it’s a sign that holds firmly onto the past. Matriarchal Smokies, July’s recommended crystal, help to clear the matriarchal line and heal future generations. These are a particular type of Smoky Quartz that is especially suited to using around the navel. The navel can be an extremely vulnerable area. It is known as the tummy ‘button’ for good, although probably largely unconscious, reasons. It can be the trigger point for ancestral memories to surface, especially of fear and trauma. Working with crystals such as Matriarchal Smokies around the navel to expand and release subtle memory patterns can be highly effective. Particularly as energy gaps, rips and tears may be present at this site in the subtle energies bodies as well as in the physical. The navel (‘tummy button’) is not a chakra as such but it is where the connection to the mother and the matriarchal line is strongest pre-birth, as nutrients – physical or subtle – have to pass through the umbilical cord. It is a potent place for ancestral line connection and the passage of transgenerational messages, both via DNA and matriarchal imperatives. The placenta, which is designed to be a life-support system for the unborn child, may in fact carry a toxic soup of all the mother’s emotions and ancestral traumas. If the psychic umbilical cord is not cut, The Mother and her demands dominate. Matriarchal Smokies are the answer. (For more information see Crystals for karmic healing, soul reintegration and ancestral clearing. An A-Z guide. Volume 6, to be published end July 2017.)

Using your Matriarchal Smokies

Place four to eight of the Smokies around your navel pointing inwards and visualise all the energy that is not yours being drawn into the centre and leaving via the etheric cords. You may find that you need to add additional crystals to the base or other chakras if these also need to release. A Flint at your feet assists the process. A light bearing crystal above your head also assists the process.

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