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Here be Dragons: working with crystal dragon grids

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Quietening the chattering mind: The magic of Auralite 23

The Tangerine Dream Lemurian Grid

In need of abundance?

Healing the ancestral line

Setting out a grid: environmental and distance healing

Crystal grids: An introduction

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Identifying difference: black and grey stones

Identified stones: Yellow

Identified stones: Red

Identifying difference: Amethyst

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Identifying difference: Blue Stones

Concretions: a load of old balls?

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All in a name? The numerical and astrological values of crystals

Yowah Nut: The Polarity Balancer

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October healing: Someone special

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Meet the family: Here be dragons – by the score!

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Yowah Nut: The Polarity Balancer

Tanzurine: Cherry Quartz and Emerald Quartz

Grape Chalcedony (Grape Agate)

Prairie Tanzanite: The Lullaby Stone


Why some people may never find their true mate

The Crystal Love Ritual (Extended Version)

In Your Element? (Not everything is about crystals!)

Unconditional Love

The Crystal Love Ritual

Tie cutting


Crystals to assist with spirit release

Crystal initiations for these changing times

Creating your future

Activating Kundalini with crystal assistance

Reading the Akashic Record

Travelling safely

Thirteen Steps to Abundance

Spleen Protector

Earth Healing

Opening your psychic perception


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Electro-sensitive? Arthritic Pain?

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Problem ears? Thyroid problems?

Headache? Nicotine cravings?

Infertility? Chocolate cravings?

Perpetually tired? Jetlag?

Can’t sleep? Dyspraxia?

Crystals for stress

Top 7 crystals for anxiety