Insights for the Full Moon 6th September 2017

5th September, 2017 Guest Blog

Guest Blog from, Terrie Celest – One of the delights for me in Iowa, has been the space and energies of my host, Jo’s, garden, full of beautiful flowers and amazing birds and wildlife. A local farmer grows corn on part of her land but it was looking a bit sad when I arrived, due to a dry summer which was threatening to fail the crop. A thunder storm on my second night there helped to alleviate the threat temporarily but didn’t end it. A very flat area, this part...

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Synchronicities, healing ancestral patterning and balancing male and female energies

9th May, 2017 Guest Blog

Guest Blog from, Terrie Celest – I’ve written before about synchronicities; when you get a stream of them that you can’t ignore it is amazing, they flow so easily and often provide some ‘Ah-ha’ moments! Sometimes they are reminders, little signs that encourage us and let us know we are on the right path and that things are exactly as they are meant to be. Judy Hall mentioned this at her recent workshop at the College of Psychic Studies. In a week of...

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Insights for the new moon

27th January, 2017 Guest Blog

Guest Blog from, Terrie Celest – If you have read my Full and New Moon insights before, you will know that I like using analogies, descriptive metaphors that give us a symbolic, visual representation for our experiences. I like to try to weave the descriptions of the planets, signs and their expressions into the language and examples I use, some obvious and some probably only discernible to those of you with a bit of astrological experience. The brain understands...

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Insights for the Full Moon

12th January, 2017 Guest Blog

Guest Blog from, Terrie Celest - Isn’t this a fabulous word? One of those that you want to repeat over and over as its obscurity and originality seem to add to its rhythm, sound and meaning. I immediately loved it and resonated with it, complete with small dog. It seemed particularly relevant as I have been going through a couple of years of deep change that I know is taking me forward, with new beginnings on the horizon, but exactly what they are or where they are...

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Embracing the Current Energies

3rd November, 2016 Guest Blog

Guest Blog from, Terrie Celest 'This is such a helpful blog on the current astrological situation and what many people are undergoing, Judy really wanted you all have the opportunity of reading it while we're between moons' Stripping back our layers of emotions to really find what is going on beneath the surface, is one of the keys to this Scorpio New Moon (see my insights below). Here is a very simple, but effective way of reaching layers. If you are...

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The Grumpy Path to Mindfulness

21st September, 2016 Guest Blog

Do you ever get a very un-spiritual attack of ‘I found it first’? I’m having one of those at the moment with the whole mindfulness gravy train. Here’s a bit of background. When I was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphona - a very aggressive cancer - a couple of years ago, my partner Stephen, who is Managing Editor for Watkins Mind, Body Spirit magazine (so he gets to see all the good books first), suggested I read Thich Nhat Hanh’s lovely book, Fear. It turned out to be an excellent...

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