The Ancestralite Report

6th March, 2018 Miscellaneous

We all grow up with the weight of history on us. Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies. ~Shirley Abbott Ancestralite, c. Judy Hall Ever since I was introduced to Ancestralite in Belfast by Stone Age Ireland, it’s been used in Ancestral healing grids as that was the first property to be recognised in the stone. After we’d been working with Ancestralite for awhile I was offered some Ancestralite...

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Lessons from Atlantis

28th February, 2018 Miscellaneous

The Time Portal: Madagascan Etched Quartz c. Judy Hall Etched crystals have always fascinated me. Some carry star maps, others ancient languages, or they portray the journey of the soul (Trigonics). But the ‘etched’ Madagascan Quartz that was gifted to me by Mark at Elestials in Glastonbury is rather different. More bumpy craters than etchings, and with a fabulous ‘key’ at one end. Very bright and clear. I’d had the crystal by my bed for several months before I found the time to...

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Shaman Birds: long focus liminality

20th February, 2018 Members Community

Jimmy: ‘One day, when I'm no longer spending my days running a sweet-stall, I may write a book about us all. It's all here.’ (slapping his forehead) ‘Written in flames a mile high. And it won't be recollected in tranquillity either, picking daffodils with Auntie Wordsworth. It'll be recollected in fire, and blood. My blood.’ John Osborne, Look Back in Anger. John Osborne’s heron, dressed for all weathers. Image c. Judy Hall Sometimes we all need a nudge in the right direction....

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Valentine Stones

12th February, 2018 Miscellaneous

Yowah Nut c. Judy Hall Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips Percy Bysshe Shelley I was asked about suitable crystals for a pendant to commemorate an engagement. As it was for my last ‘crystal auntie’ column in Spirit & Destiny, I was strictly limited on the word count and I wanted to introduce newer stones. So I said: ‘Traditionally used for engagement rings, Opals bond a relationship. Even though sometimes considered unlucky as they are fragile and can easily break, an Opal would...

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A Black Moon Month

8th February, 2018 Miscellaneous

Black Moonstone c. Michael Illas, The Crystal Companion. A black moon month. Sounds depressing doesn’t it. But not so dire when tagged onto a message from a friend asking that as her birthday is in a ‘black moon month’ could we go out and have some reckless fun. Yes please! The blue supermoon just before the eclipse. A black moon month simply means that there will be no full moon in February. We are in a period of intense lunar activity, as we’ve just had one eclipse and two...

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Atlantean Lovestars (Candle Quartz/Celestial Quartz)

31st January, 2018 Miscellaneous

I was fascinated to discover that Madagascan Candle and Celestial Quartz have been renamed ‘Atlantean Lovestars’. What a brilliant name! Even though it may add to the ongoing confusion about crystal names. But there’s so much confusion about these two crystals already that it may actually clarify things. Bringing them into an energetic synergy. I have always experienced them as two identifiably different vibrations, similar but not quite the same (see below). The new name tallies with...

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