Judy Hall is a successful Mind Body Spirit author with over 40 books to her credit including the million selling Crystal Bible (volumes 1, 2 and 3). Judy has recently been voted the 2014 Kindred Spirit MBS personality of the year.

She has been a past life therapist and karmic astrologer for over 40 years. An internationally known author, psychic, healer, broadcaster and workshop leader, her books have been translated into fifteen languages. She recently appeared in the Watkins Review of the one hundred most spiritually influential authors.

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March 2015: Trigonic Quartz

Spiritually-orientated Pisces is the zodiac sign representing wholeness and All that Is. A soul stone, Trigonic Quartz helps you return to your spiritual roots and accesses the Source. It teaches that all is one, and how the learning from the Earth plane is passed onto the souls coming into and out of incarnation creating a vast cycle of being. Use it to explore the multi-dimensions of being.

March reading: Crystals for Psychic Self-Protection.

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